Trianasoft Is a Scam – Read My Review

trianasoft is fake

Woop woop … I’ve just seen that they’re only offering 100 memberships to people in the UK – Unfortunately this is just a trick used by scammers to convince you that you are special. You arent special to them, you are just another target. You also get told that there are only 100 licences available. Its utter crap and the video above proves it without a shadow of a doubt.

Getting onto the software itself. It’s a web-based software accessible from any device and you don’t need to have any trading experience, be a computer nerd or know anything. Unlike a lot of autotrading bots, this does seem to take into account current affairs, elections, terrorist attacks, etc so you don’t have to (well, that’s what it says). They study the tradable assets and determine the probable direction of the price, then enter into a short-term option trade. A 92% success rate is what they claim to have by trading 10 – 30 times each day and automatically using your profits to enter into larger subsequent trades for even larger profits. They put the success of the software down to the ‘butterfly effect’ where one small cause can have an extreme effect at the end. They have developed an algorithm that takes into account market sentiment, current affairs, past trends, etc. and the software will then make a recommendation to the user. It’s up to you whether or not to act upon the signal on the short term trade. They say an average Trianasoft user could profit from anywhere in the region of $500 to $10,000 per day. So this is a signals service as well as an autobot which is another available option in the software. They say unlike traditional stock speculation, you can never lose more than your initial trade. Does that mean I can still lose 100% of my trade?

trianasoft scam

And this is all for free. Although he does go on to say during the video that the reason he doesn’t want to flood the market with this software is it would have an adverse effect on the price when it launches in three months’ time. The price for access to the software will be $10,000 per month … wow. Well I suppose if you’re making millions that’s small-fry. But he’s asking me to be a beta-tester to ensure there are no glitches. I get it for free and they’re only accepting 25 at the moment and I get to keep all the profits with only a five minute data results report being needed once weekly. The question I keep asking myself is if it is an autotrader, why wouldn’t they be able to run this without people? Surely with all their sophisticated systems in place, and software developers, they could run a program that tests the results?? But they would rather allow real people to test it for free???

You’re taken into a sign up page that has a five minute time limit on it for ‘security’ reasons. Again all bullshit. If you try to come back to this page you will apparently lose your opportunity to be a beta tester and your chance will be given to another user. This takes you directly through to their designated broker to set up your trading account. They ask you to fund with a minimum of $250. They do however urge you to put in as much as you can to start trading.

This webpage is actually quite convincing. It’s well written and laid out, clear and doesn’t make some of the ridiculous promises of making millions in minutes. There are a few typos further down the page however and when you go into the video it starts losing a bit of credibility as they re-enact the days in the office when the software was being developed. Coupled with the other scammy techniques used, its not looking good for Trianasoft.

Trianasoft Fake Testimonials

I’ve noticed that whilst I’ve been on this site and got distracted doing something else, that the Facebook reviews don’t update with the time ie. 15 mins ago, 12 minutes ago and some of them have replicated messages but with different names. I really don’t believe any of the reviews and there’s no way of checking if this company is for real. There’s no company address, contact details or anything. It could therefore be anybody asking you to fund a broker account with no way of ever getting the money back or just a straight forward scam.


Think I’d rather stick with a company I know and have been around for a while. You only have to look on YouTube to see recent trades to see that it’s genuine. Have a look at Binary Options Live Trading Webinars – Option Xpert. The guys there really know their stuff. They do two live webinars daily, morning and afternoon and if you have their software you receive the signals and can follow the live trades. I also did the training with Ben, which comes as part of the software package, as I don’t like to feel I’m not in control of my money and trading. Some days I win and some days I lose but I win enough to keep me in. I’m not relying on an autobot and I like the fact they’re not into the hard sell. I just felt fully informed and in control of my money.


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