Referral Project Scam Review

referral project is a scam
Well its scam time again unfortunately. This product uses just about every scam cliché in the book. Fast cars, mansions, holidays, private jets. You name it. Its a sure sign that something is a blatant scam when they have to resort to all these annoying efforts. Seeing other people with money creates a reaction of jealousy which the scammers play on to make you want what they claim to have.

Then you get the favoured number of slots available bullshit. This is total crap and is designed to scare you into signing up before the slots are all gone. Not one time have I ever been to a site with one of those countdowns, where it has ever reached zero and stopped me signing up. Don’t fool for this trick, its so dumb. False scarcity is a trick that is used by scammers to make you react without thinking, the countdown creates stress which causes you to make rash decisions that you will definitely regret later on. The Referral Project does this in a number of ways to boost your stress levels to the maxmimum so you fall for their lies.

We are then led into more fake seals, ridiculous claims and total crap that only an idiot would believe. And I tell you what, the owners of The Referral project are banking on the fact that their customers are idiots. Dont be fooled into thinking these seals and recommendations are real. If they were, they would link to the companies that give out these seals, like Symantec or Norton. In this case these links do not exist because the sites are not verified by ANYONE.

referral project review

Referral Project is a Scam

On the second page you get promises of a free $1000. There is no such thing as a free lunch and this is no different. Total lies. This baiting tactic is used heavily by the scammers with promises of free money as a trick to get you spending your money.

You also get a MASSIVE countdown clock on the second page. I don’t need to tell you what happens when it runs out… Absolutely Nothing. Don’t fall for these cheap tricks. As I mentioned above, any real product wouldnt need to trick you like this and if it was a legitimate product then surely they would want EVERYONE to get their hands on it.

referral project review scam

The software itself is another shitty version of a repeated garabage product we have seen a million times before. Like many binary options scams.

In conclusion, this is awful shit and should be avoided. The Referral Project is a SCAM.

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