Profits Infinity is a definite scam.

My review didn’t need to be too in-depth, primarily because its so obvious that its all lies.
profits infinity is it a scam
The first problem is the Geo-Targeted section on the site that takes your IP location and puts the country name in so you think that the offer is limited to your country. Let me be clear – it isn’t just for your country. This tactic is used by scammers to make you think that you are the only people who are able to see this offer. Its designed to make you feel special and put an element of trust into their sales pitch. Its such a blatant scam tactic that fools so many people.

profits infinity lies
Then there are the usual “Seals” and references to authoritative websites like CNN. This is all lies and a quick Google search can easily prove it. If these sites really endorsed this product, you would have links to real articles, videos and content that proved it. Anyone can put a company logo on their site and say “Company X” endorses them. Its much harder to do in reality as there is no way respectable companies would associate themselves with scam junk like this.

profits infinity testimonials

Then we get on to the video. Another phony actor sitting by a laptop talking absolute bollocks. Why do I think he is just an actor? Well, the “testimonials” on the site are all fiverr actors and my video shows them and their postings on Fiverr where you can get a fake video testimonial for less than £4 each. This is the worst of all. At least hire some decent actors instead of these crappy Fiverr actors. They are so over-used I can spot them from a mile away and it makes it far too easy to spot a scam

I’m done with this piece of shit, avoid it as its just a web of lies…

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