Online Black Market Scam

Today we are going to review Online Black Market. If you have already watched my video, you will know it’s a scam, but if not, please read on for all the proof you need that this is a product to avoid.

Online Black Market Scam

The whole premise behind the sales page is to make it look like a youtube page. Unfortunately, it’s a very poor copy, with no clickable links or verifiable facts.


I asked myself why would someone so this? The answer is simple, the source video is on Youtube, but their channel has only 1 subscriber, and the video itself had less that 50 views and only 1 like. They created the sales page to completely con you into believing it had over 17,000 views and over 400 likes.

Online Black Market Real Youtube Account

Lets move on to the video itself. The whole premise of the video is to make you believe that you are watching a documentary about an undercover journalist who is exposing online scams. They used the name Paul Connor, which is very similar to UK TV Investigative journalist Paul Connelly who works on the Channel 5 show, Black Market Britain. This is a con to make you believe that it is some kind of real show and not just a poorly produced copy (which it is).

Online Black Market Fakes A Real TV Show

The footage itself is clearly not made by a real TV production company as the quality of production is shocking and looks like it was made by an 8 year old. The video switches between different resolutions throughout and they have stretched the smaller footage to match the size and in places it looks stretched and completely crap.


On top of this, they have added their own audio, which is made to look like conversations over the footage. This is done very poorly and the transcripts are full of grammatical and spelling errors (which a real TV show would not have).


Eventually after wading through this tripe, you get to the bare bones of the actual product that is being “investigated” and the creators of the product have made some EPIC mistakes here. The video shows the software in action. It shows 91 trades placed, and only 45 wins. This proves the product will LOSE MONEY.


All in all, I cant believe anyone would fall for this obvious scam, but make sure you don’t, as you will lose money and feel totally stupid for falling for the most poorly put together scam of 2015 so far!