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Welcome to our My First Online Payday Scam Review. Wow, this is a weird site. The homepage looks quite convincing because it doesn’t start shouting at you “make loads of money without lifting a finger and without paying a penny”. There are lots of other tabs on there with references to the weather in North America, the migrant crisis, how to work from home without retiring, etc. However, none of the links work and there are spelling errors on the page. Always a no-no in my eyes. Also, there are lots of supposed twitter feeds saying thanks for being so brilliant, I’ve made $200 on day one, easier than I thought, etc. but it all looks a bit dodgy as it says at the top 2 comments and then there’s loads and looks like it’s been cut and pasted onto a homepage. There’s nothing working on there apart from the sign up contact details. It also says ‘updated 38 mins ago’ and never changes.

I think these guys are hoping to catch some of the stay at home mums and dads, unemployed and desperate as some of the ‘links’ on there are talking about ‘working from home’, ‘why retire when you can work from home’ and then it will be more or less irresistible because it offers you $50 for free to ‘play’ with. Now is this a gambling site or a trading site? So is My First Online Payday Scam worthy? Lets dig in and see.

Apparently this $50 is yours to start and any PROFIT you make is yours to withdraw but you have to make a profit in order to withdraw.

myfirstonlinepayday scam

Well anyway, in for a penny, in for a pound. I’m diving into the video to see what it’s all about. Starts with a list of American news channels I suppose covering the ‘story’ and a photo-shopped London red bus with the ‘My First Online Payday’ banner on it going around Piccadilly Circus. Focuses on Americans all working from home now that the internet is making the daily commute a ‘thing of the past’. All these people are making millions and no longer have to jump in the car and face the traffic. The video goes onto a ‘user’ whose daily earnings using this system is $765.21 after just one week. Apparently you don’t even need to know anything about computers. This really is going to appeal to those who have never even had a job, let alone gone to school!! Fantastic, I can tell the kids not to bother with their homework this week as there’s a system out there that makes you money whilst you sit on your backside, knowing nothing and doing even less. The girl on the video just needs to wake up in the morning to check how much money she has made!! Things get even more interesting for our My First Online Payday Scam Review below.

We’re then introduced to Jeremy Matthews, the CEO who I have to say, seems quite convincing. Maybe it’s because he’s English and isn’t doing the gushing “this is AWESOME” Americanisms. well, at least, not yet. I’m intrigued. I’m going to listen some more. He goes on to say how we spent many years trying to make money from the internet, was probably scammed on numerous occasions but knew that there was money to be made so persevered. He now makes over $9500 every day. After showing me some lovely pictures of his latest holidays, he goes on to say how the best bit is that he has now developed some breakthrough software aimed ‘solely at newcomers’. I can really see how this can convince some newbies who are desperate to make money sitting in the armchair at home. Right, better get in quick… it’s going live next Tuesday. Not sure which ‘next Tuesday’ that is though. Could it be 29th March or was it 15th March?? Who knows. anyway, moving on. OH MY GOD, it seems I’m one of the lucky 75 people who must know one or two people in ‘high-up places’ in order for me to be in on this deal before the launch date. How did this happen??? The stars were aligned. He says that I’ll be able to make money without any upfront payment for the software, that’s right he’s not charging for the software. He’s developed an app that is suitable for 99% of people but the $7000 a day some might expect won’t be obtainable until month 4 to 6 of his program. He does say though from day one you will make profits online of $320 to $750 daily or for a mere 2 to 3 hours of work a day. According to Jeremy, they tested the software on 50 random people in March 2015 and 47 out of the 50 made more than $320 per day from day one. I’m one of the lucky ones who have seen this video as apparently they are only accepting 500 applicants for the first six months. Not sure why, if this is free, it would be restricted to any number. Oh. it’s so they can guarantee that 93% of those 500 can make a minimum of $320 per day. What’s in it for Jeremy? He says he makes a fair amount from all the advertising and banners on the homepage. so that’s why the homepage looks so busy. Although none of the links work so not sure how that can be advertising. I wouldn’t pay him if the links didn’t work. And he takes 3.5% commission off my profits .. well, if I’m earning at least $320 per day for free, I probably won’t mind that. There’s got to be more to this. I need to get my registration details on there to hold the place but I cannot leave the page, that’s a bit odd isn’t it??

My First Online Payday Signup

Well, I took the plunge and it takes you through to a site that smacks of a poker site. It’s just a demo of how the software will work which starts with the $50 ‘gift’ for being a new member and 20 plays for that $50. On average those 20 plays will get you to $250 to $400 profit. The ‘software’ has two buttons, red and green. You wait for each of them to reach 90% or above and then you click. It turns out you are clicking on totally random times to trade binary options. Literally, just pressing the button with no reasoning behind it whatsoever, just like a fruit machine. So, it will be totally random if you win or lose. It’s not even as clever as gambling on the horses, at least then you can study the form. The software can predict with over 90% accuracy if the match will be a winner or a loser. Don’t think that means over 90% a winner though does it? It also says that each time you win, they take $1. It doesn’t say a percentage as in the first video so I’m not sure if this is in addition to the 3.5%.

My First Online Payday Scam Conclusion

As part of the My First Online Payday Scam review process, I’ve just checked their Terms and Conditions as I can’t understand why they want to give ME $50 to start trading for nothing. Well, it seems it is ‘virtual’ money to use on the demo software only and any profit I make will be given as a ‘BONUS’ by the brokers at their discretion. Ah, that’s the catch. My experience with brokers and bonuses has been very unpleasant and not at all easy. Interestingly though, there seems to be people already trading on there and so could I, although the launch isn’t until next Tuesday is it? That concludes our My First Online Payday Scam Review


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I think I’ll stick with The guys there are not into the hard sell. I felt fully informed on how to trade binary options, after having a training session with their Training Manager, Ben Newman. He’s English. I’m just not into the BS the Americans spout. Straight down the line, real-time trades that you can copy once you are linked up with their software. He does two webinars daily, morning and afternoon. Sometimes he wins, sometimes he loses but on average I think he works on around a 75-85% success rate. And he’s doing it using his knowledge of what is happening in and around the world i.e. Brexit which is obviously affecting the Euro and Sterling markets.

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