Money Glitch Scam

The Money Glitch is a worrying 2 part scam. The lengths that some people will go to in order to rip you off is staggering. First of all we have every trick in the scam playbook thrown into the mix.

Money Glitch Scam

There are repeated countdown timers warning you that there is only so much time before the offer expires. Then you get into the issue of slapping loads of fake security seals around the site to give the impression that they are verified by major anti-virus and internet security companies. These are not real seals and just another attempt to rob you of your hard earned cash.

Next we have the worrying issue of more Geo-Targeted images like the UK Flags that were pasted around the site. These are again generated using the location country from your IP so if you visit the site from another country, you get that country plastered all over the place. This is used to trick you into believing that their offer is only available to you and only for a limited time. This type of tactic is to try and squeeze money out of you before you have time to research a product to see if it is genuine or not. If you were given an hour, most people would check on Google to see if there were any bad reviews, but when you only have a few minutes, the pressure is placed upon you to make a quick decision. Usually resulting in being ripped off.

is money glitch scam

Then we have the fake testimonials. I found at least 2 images that were stock photos. If the Money Glitch is so successful, why cant they find at least a handful of real people to back up their claims? Ill tell you why, they cant because its a scam.

This leads us onto the second part of the scam.

TradeVerify Scam

On the Money Glitch fake testimonials, there is reference to suggest that the trades on the page have been verified by an independant company called Trade Verify. I went to their website and discovered that its a fake company. The photo of “Roger” the christian family man who notarises all the trades is actually a stock photo. As are all the other members of his team.

Trade Verify Scam

Not only that, but they refer to a scam from 2015 that had Verified its trades with Trade Verify. A sure way to prove that their service is bogus and most likely it was set up by the founders of the old scam who are back for more of your money.

Roger trade verify scam

Is Money Glitch A Scam?

Yes, no doubt about it. If what I have exposed above isnt enough, then taking one look at the interface is proof enough that its a scam. Its the same re-hashed, recycled shit auto trading bot that has been doung the rounds for the last 18 months. Its got no substance and is purely a scam.I have exposed a number of scams recently that use the same platform. A couple of examples are: Globe Trader Review & Referral Project Scam

money glitch auto trade scam

Money Glitch Alternatives

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