Million Dollar Challenge Scam


Million Dollar Challenge is another scam that was pretty easy to figure out. They utilise some of the oldest tricks in the book and do them badly to be honest.

million dollar challenge fake
First off, we have the tired old methods with Geo-Targeted text and information to make you feel like the invite has only been sent to you. Trust me, it hasn’t. This crap has been spammed all over the world to millions of people. When a website says “only available in (insert your country here)” then you know there is something dodgy going on. Why would a company looking for investment limit itself to just one country. There is absolutely no reason for it, which gives real reason to doubt their integrity.

million dollar challenge scam
Next we have about a million “Quality Seals” which are just there to give you a false sense of security, they don’t actually mean anything. In this case, they have really, really gone over the top with their seals. A whole line of them which all pretty much say the same thing – Quality Guaranteed. Well guess what they really mean when I see them? SCAM GUARANTEED. Its such a shame that these arseholes cant be more inventive with their deceptions.

There is one really serious problem with their sales pitch though, they put a company name to the product – BIG mistake…


Stanford & Marcs Trading Group

The video repeatedly references a company called Stanford & Marcs Trading Group. I have done some heavy research and it simply doesn’t exist as a registered business anywhere in the world. Google it, you will only find references to the Million Dollar Challenge for that company, no official records, websites or anything that makes it legitimate. This is really concerning as they are committing fraud. You cant pretend to be representing a company that doesnt exist. Its simply ILLEGAL.

Then we have the stolen photos used on their “testimonials”, a sure way to seal the deal and for me to confirm this is a total scam. They stole some rather personal pictures from someones personal blog and also some poor guys Google Plus account. This is terrible and I hope they get sued for this abhorrent behaviour.

million dollar challenge stolen picturestolen image million dollar challenge

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