Mediterranean Millionaire Scam Review

Ok Lets Begin – Here is the main page for this review, with a cheesy video from a “Greek” millionaire. He claims to have made millions of dollars using a trick that he is prepared to share with you. This is a really poor website, and the cracks start to appear before I even watched the video.

Fake Images

This guy, claims to be called Nikos Stamoulis, and even gives us some lovely pictures of himself. BIG MISTAKE!!!

The first image, looks like this:

Mediterranean Millionaire ScamNow this guy looks familiar and at first I couldnt figure out why… I certainly dont know him as Nikos Stamoulis. So I used the trusty google image search tool to see where else this image appears. I was shocked by the results.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.36.34This guy is familiar, as he played for Premier League Football team, Liverpool from 2009-2011. His name is Sotirios Kyrgiakos. The only honest thing the website has told me so far, is that he is indeed greek. At this point I have to assume that this is someone using photos of a fairly obscure footballer to fake that he has loads of money.

I chose another picture from further down the page with “Nikos” standing by an expensive Ferrari:

Nikos Doesnt Have a FerrariAgain this turned out to be the Footballer Sotirios Kyrgiakos. I think the “Mediterranean Millionaire” might be hearing from Kyrgiakos’ lawyers fairly soon.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.41.33

More Fake Images

Having found some success with these first 2 images, I chose to carry on and see what other lies the Mediterranean Millionaire had to offer. Lets move on to “Nikos” family image:

Fake FamilyHmm, this image seems to be missing something. Normally a shot like this would have the family in the centre, not off to the right so I suspect that something has been cropped from the picture – Google proved this to be correct:

Maldives Hotel PromoTurns out this is a promo photo for a hotel in the Maldives. This guy really hasnt covered his tracks very well. Lets continue on to his “Yacht”:

Fake Greek YachtLooks lovely. Again I will rely on google image search to see if this Yacht is really the property of “Nikos”

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.52.12This boat is in fact the “Daloli” a Yacht owned by a charter firm and the image Nikos uses is straight from their website, further proving that the Mediterranean Millionaire Scam Review was worth doing.

The “System”

Next i looked into the videos to see what else I could find that would put the nail in the coffin and prove that the Mediterranean Millionaire is a complete charade and a scam that should be avoided completely. I watched about 5 seconds of the “Software” in action before my mind was made up 100%

Autotrading Scam

Thats right, this folks is another Autotrading Scam and should be avoided.


I have completed my Mediterranean Millionaire Scam Review and have proven that the person behind it is a fake, and that the software itself is in fact, another autotrader scam. Dont buy this product, they are just trying to get your information to the broker to receive a cut of your losses. The other screenshots on the site and the video look fake as well, so its clearly not legit.

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