Insider John Binary Scam Exposed

Insider John Binary Scam Exposed

Today we are uncovering the truth about the Insider John Binary Product known as Binary APP 810. Read on to find out about the Insider John Binary Scam Exposed.

Who is “Insider John”?

Insider John is a fictional character created by the people behind Binary App 810. He is either an actor, or the real creator of the software using an Alias. He claims to have won competitions with 3 binary brokers for earning the most money using is “Secret System”. First of all, let me tell you a little about “Partnering” with a Binary Broker. Partnering is where you work for the Broker (in this case Banc De Binary features heavily). They give you access to “Fake” accounts with dummy balances of whatever amount you want. Then you use these fake accounts to make screenshots to peddle a piece of crap autotrader. The broker then pays the Partner a cut of all the money that their customers lose.

But What about the “Broker Competitions”?

Well, these are clearly faked. By partnering with these Brokers, John “The Insider” Callaghan has convinced them to put on a fake awards ceremony with bullshit figures to help him sell this moneymaking scam. I have more proof that this is all crap. Take the “Customer Account Balances” that he displays prominently on his website like this:

Insider John Scam Proof

They give you the option to view the “Account Statement” which looks like this:

insider John Fake Statement

This is just a html table with some numbers in. Nothing to prove or verify any real accounts, or any actual screenshots of real accounts. Why? Because its all fake and designed to make you lose money.

Price Point

Also you have a super inflated price – $4999.99. No-one in their right mind would pay 5 grand for software to autotrade on binary options, especially when the creator is making “Millions”. If he is so rich, then why is he selling it for 5K a pop? Because he doesnt want you to buy it. He wants you to take the 2 month free trial. He doesnt want to sell one single copy of the software, he wants you to put a small amount in a binary broker account, and then he will place small, low risk trades on your account. These will most likely make you a small profit. This is where they hook you. All of a sudden you think you can make millions if you put more money in your account. His people will probably try to convince you of this. Then, when you have put a huge amount of money in your account, he will smash it with loads of high risk trades and lose you ALL your money. At this point, the Broker and their Partner (John in this case) will be laughing all the way to the bank. The worst thing is, you cant go after John to get your money back, as you haven’t paid him a penny directly. Utter scammy bullshit and should be avoided like the plague.


This is a blatant scam, avoid it like the plague. If you want to learn how to trade binary options without falling foul of a scam, fill in the form below and speak to the experts.