Firstly lets get it out in the open straight away. Ifollow Club is a total scam. Without even watching their awful video, I have exposed a number of blatant lies and deceptions. You get the usual “Seals” claiming its safe and not a scam, these dont mean anything and are used to convince stupid people to believe that their money is safe. Lets be clear your money isnt safe in Ifollow Club at all.

ifollowclub scam
Ifollow club tries to make itself sound like a social network that just pumps out money into your bank account. If it were true it would have a billion users. The reason it doesn’t is because it’s a complete scam.

Straight out of the gate the lies start flowing. You get a countdown of available invites ticking down and then it mysteriously stops at one… Coincidence? No it happens every time you reload the page. It’s a trick to make you sign up so they can bombard you with shitty scams and spam.

ifollow club fake testimonials
Following this blatant trick, they pepper the main page with video testimonials. Unfortunately within 3 minutes I had discovered 3 of these “users” selling their services on popular site Fiverr. They record mock testimonials for money, and this site uses loads of them. If there were any real customers making money, they shouldn’t have any problem using real people. However they are forced to lie, as all their customers are being ripped off.

IFollow Club Twitter

The next section is also a load of bullshit. Fake Twitter feeds with awfully cheesy clichés and more lies. I looked into some of the usernames and they don’t even exist. There are clear signs that this is a scam, and the mors I dig, the more I uncover.

Bottom line – Don’t put your details on this site, don’t give them your money and don’t even give this product the time of day, as it doesn’t deserve it.

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