Globe Traders Scam Review

globe traders review

Yes, its another scam, more private jets, sports cars and lies… Also it claims that Globe Traders is a registered company. And guess what? I cant find a single thing on the internet about ANY company called Globe Traders. If you are going to lie, at least make it so people cant Google you to check out your bullshit. Any product that cites a real company can be classed as fairly legitimate. Any product that cites a company that doesn’t exist? Well thats where the scam starts to show. My scam alarm bells are ringing at this point in a major way!

Aside from the obvious countdown timers and number of spots available bullshit, this one lets itself down with the calculated way its videos are produced. This trickery is common amongst scams and this is just more fuel for the fire with the amount of bullshit that Globe Traders tries to get away with.

globe traders is a scam
Initially you are given $50 to use in the 3 minute trial. This always makes EXACTLY $250 and then the videos tell you how you can turn your $500 into $5000 in just one week. It then goes on to tell you how you need to add $250 to your trial profit to get started. That equals $500. Coincidence? I think not. Its a calculated scam. The results are blatantly pre-determined if you watch the video. The scammers who developed this clearly know exactly what results the “Trial” will return. I have run the trial a few times to be sure and each time we end up with EXACTLY the same amount of money. This leads me on to my verdict.

Globe Traders Is A Scam

This product does a good job of getting you to think you have made some money, but its all lies. There are so many lies that I have uncovered in just a few minutes with this product, that there is no doubt in my mind that Globe Traders is a major scam and they cannot be trusted with your money.

When you get to the interface, its EXACTLY the same as the Referral Project that I reviewed yesterday. Its another one of these off the shelf, autotrading scams. I think we have seen about 10 so far using the same interface and they are all scams.

globe traders scam exposed

Don’t give these twats your money, they will rip you off and leave a bad taste in your mouth.

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