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Welcome to the Daily Traders Club Review. This one gets off to a bad start straight away. Timers ticking down to hassle you into signing up. It doesn’t even work correctly. You are told there are 9 minutes and 59 seconds left before the offer is gone. Its complete lies. I left the site open in my browser for hours and it never actually closed. Just another instance of false scarcity being used to trick you into signing up for a poor piece of software. This is only the beginning of the web of lies and fake rubbish that this product has to offer.

daily traders club review scam

Then the blatantly photoshopped “News” articles about Daily Traders Club are slapped all over the page. These are some of the most obvious fakes you will ever see on a website. Not only are the fonts inconsistent, but if you look on the “source” websites these articles don’t exist. This is one of the most easy ways to spot a fake. If they put these up on their site its very easy to search to see if they really exist.

is daily traders club a scam

Also these really poor “fake” social media feeds offer more proof that this is a scam, the feeds don’t link to any real Facebook accounts and searching for these people doesn’t yield any results. Not only that, but the fakes use the wrong fonts at times so its easy to see that its just shitty photoshopping yet again. These scammers should really take the time to make something believable rather than a poorly put together string of mistakes..

does daily traders club work

Plus the Norton certified images that don’t link to any kind of Norton certification status. Another sign that this whole product is bogus.

Sorry, I just don’t believe this one isn’t a big fat scam. Nothing proven, dodgy testimonials, no office address or details of how to get in touch apart from a webchat (and let’s face it, if they don’t want to answer you, then they won’t).

I’m going to stick with the only scheme that I’ve found to be genuine and where I’m in control. I know where my trades are going and I also get to choose whether or not to trade them. I’m learning all the time and getting better day by day with www.optionxpert.com. The thing with these guys is that recent trades can be seen on YouTube (Binary Options Live Trading webinars – Option Xpert) so there’s proof of the system in action. When you sign up to their live webinars, you can trade real-time with their training manager, Ben, twice a day and you also get real time trading signals. You learn by trading with him or you can sign up to his one to one training sessions. I’m in control with this system and it’s making me money.

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