98 Success Scam

98 success scam
98 Success is a product that number of people have asked me to review. I got about 12 messages on Whatsapp on the weekend from Youtube subscribers asking me to take a look. They have all been mass-spammed about this product and I had to do some investigation to see if 98 success lives up to its bold claims.

98 success exposed

Again there are the usual quality and antivirus seals to trick you into thinking that something is secure, when in actual fact these images are bogus and just there to trick you.


Following on from these tricks, 98 success tries to con you into thinking that its endorsed by some major news broadcasters. I checked and I can assure you that they are not endorsed by any of them. They use a recent news event regarding some computer errors in the NYSE to make you think that they have uncovered some magical formula to make money. Trust me they haven’t, 98 success is some awful regurgitated bullshit that has been ripping people off for the last year.

Proof of this is in the testimonials that they use on their site. 98 Success uses a selection of images that are supposed to be their own customers. Some of theme seemed familiar so I put them all into Google Images. The results were shocking as half of them had been used on Fake testimonials on other similar looking scams such as Cloud Trader, Profit Maker and Dream Profits.
98 success scam testimonials

It seems that the creator of these scams has just re-branded his scam software is churning out copies all over the place. They are ripping people off with scammy auto trading software that doesn’t work and once the product’s reputation gets too damaged, they just change the site and start again with more lies and deception.
is 98 success a scam

Is 98 Success A Scam?



Without a doubt, this is a terrible scam. Not only have I reviewed and exposed all their previous efforts such as Cloud Trader, Profit Maker and Dream Profits, but now we can add 98 Success to their list of awful scam software. This menagerie of shit doesn’t seem to end, but trust me when I say that I will continue exposing these awful scams and wont stop until they do.


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