Over the past few weeks, we have spent a lot of time looking at various different trading software products. We try to sort the good from the bad and along the way we discovered at least 6 new binary options scams, which are all linked in some way.

Below is a list of each of the scams and why we believe they are scamming people out of their hard earned money.



trianasoft is fake

This was one of the first platforms we looked at, and to be honest we were impressed at first.

The trading platform looked good and the welcome video wasn’t too bad. One of the people, according to the video is one of the developers of the software, a mathematician who helped write the coding.

It wasn’t until we checked out a few other options, did we start to become suspicious.


Amissio Formula (No Longer Available)

We checked out the Amissio Formula App, and before we even got to see the software, you see the same “actor” in a “Team” photo.

Once logged in to the software, immediately you recognize the same trading platform originally used for Trianasoft, (Its now changed, to something identical to another platform, see below)


Dream Profits

The same guy appears in a short video on Dream Profits website, and this time, poses as a broker. Explaining you need to fund your accounts and he will then be able to trade for you. The software uses a different template, but we have also seen it on other scams too.


Drexel Code

Drexel Logo

Drexel Code screamed scam to us as soon as we entered the software. Originally using the exact same template as Trianasoft and Amissio Formula, but since switched to yet another one we’ve seen several times before.


Virtual Income

Anther example of the same template used for Drexel Code, Identical sign up procedure, different actors. No sign of the other guy we mentioned earlier though.


Profit Insider Pro

profit insider pro fake scam

Last one on our list, but definitely not the last scam out there at the moment. Profit Insider Pro also using the exact same set up as the original Drexel Code, Trianasoft and Amissio Formula,


Our conclusion is, they are just getting lazy. It’s almost like they are just throwing a big net of identical scams out there, in order to catch as many fish as possible.

Stay away from anything that looks similar to these trading platforms, its likely to be a scam.


Do a bit of research and you can find some legit software. One to consider is TrendXpert. This software is a trend indicator, and doesn’t actually tell you what to trade on. But the support and training they provide helps you identify your own trading opportunities throughout the day based on economic event occurring, which would give you opportunity to trade.


TrendXpert is owned by a company called OptionXpert. OptionXpert provide top quality training courses for traders of all levels.


They specialize in a method of trading called “Spreading” This splits your investments over multiple broker accounts. The theory is, instead of placing 1 trade for $100 on 1 broker account. You should split the money and place 5 $20 trades over multiple accounts.

As you place each trade one by one, they enter at slight different positions, creating a much wider “ITM” Zone. If you actually monitor a live chart, you will see the market can actually change drastically in just 30 second.


When the trade comes to expire, if the market fluctuates, then you can easily end up winning 3 or 4 out of the 5. Where you stand to lose the whole investment if you put it all on 1 broker, and land just 1pip out of the win zone.


If you predict the trade right, then you can get all 5 in the money which would on average return around $250 profit. (PER TRADE)

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