30 Day Change Scam – Exposed

In our in depth review, we will be looking at a new Binary Options product that claims to have made Millions for its customers. The video on their homepage is supposed to be “Motivational” with cheesy music and actors claiming that they have made thousands in a very short space of time, using the 30 Day Change product. This is followed up by a claim that you get 97% of the profit and 3% goes to the company that made it. They back up all this fake rubbish with “Screenshots” of broker accounts which show a massive jump in profits in just a few short days.

Fake Proof Screenshots

To prove just how easy it is to create fake screenshots, I have put one together for you. Here is the original screenshot taken from a free account I opened at 24 Option today:


As you can see, I have a zero balance. Now I put that image into photoshop and simply copy the font used and manipulate the image like so:



Now I have over 123 THOUSAND in my bank. I could easily manipulate the date/time using the same process. This is a cheap trick used by unscrupulous Binary Product owners to trick you out of your money. This is just one of the many reasons why I had to expose the 30 Day Change Scam. They are simply tricking you into falling for yet another Autotrade Scam.


This is clearly another autotrade scam. Designed by unscrupulous people to try to trick you out of your money. If you want REAL PROOF of a method of trading that works with Binary Options, check out this video. Its one of the guys over at OptionXE, trading using OptionBot 2.0. A REAL Binary Trading application that can be tailored to whatever trading style you prefer, and is an INVALUABLE TOOL when trading Binary Options. They also give FREE training on how to use it with one of their trading experts. Click the bannerĀ  below to check out Optionbot 2.0 and enjoy the video underneath to see it working in action.

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