3 Step Cash Creator Scam

Please read my review of 3 Step Cash Creator to reveal the truth about this product!

Fake Facebook Likes

3 Step Cash Creator Scam

The sales page for this product, has a section below the video, claiming to have over 1 MILLION likes for the page, this is a lie. There are no links to this page on Facebook and the Facebook image doesnt go anywhere. Its a tactic used to convince you that the product is WAY more popular than it actually is. It also distracts you from the video, and its original source on YouTube. If you look at the video in YouTube you will see that it only has 20 views, and the video creator has no subscribers. If the page had a million likes, the YouTube views would be through the roof, not less than 50!!!

Another Rags To Riches Story

I am really getting sick of all these rags to riches claims that these product owners make. They are fooling you by making you believe that you are the same as them. You are not an internet scammer (hopefully) so you are nothing like the piece of crap that put this product together. Its a web of lies buried within a believeable story to make you empathyse with this arsehole so you buy his ridiculous product. Dont be fooled, this is just another ploy by this scammer to get you to part with your hard earned money.

Fake Testimonials

There are 3 video testimonials in the video, and 2 of them I couldn’t disprove. Thats not to say that they are real, but I just couldnt find any evidence to the contrary. The third and final one, however, is DEFINITELY a fake and I can prove it. This Guy can be seen in the video here:

Fake Testimonial - 3 Step Cash Creator ScamUnfortunately for the scammers behind this product, they didnt chose a particularly unpopular or underused actor for this section of the video, and its the final nail in the coffin for this product.

I found him in a couple of other places, as seen here selling Wart Treatments:

Fake Testimonials - Selling WartsAnd on Fiverr, the online marketplace for freelancers to get paid for doing things like VIDEO TESTIMONIALS! I found his listing where you can hire him to film himself saying whatever you want for just $5!

Fake Testimonials - FiverrThat is enough proof for me that 3 Step Cash Creator is a massive scam. If they have to use actors to convince you that it works, it clearly doesnt or they would have used REAL PEOPLE!


Avoid this awful scam like the plague if you have any sense!!!