This broker review covers the website This site has been brought to our attention by numerous people with concerns about the way this company is behaving and how they are treating their customers. Our investigation into this site has proven that there are very legitimate concerns about the intentions of the company owners and the safety of its users funds. Below are some of the findings which lead us to the conclusion that they cannot be trusted with your money and why they are being added to our Scam Blacklist.

Lack of Regulation / Transparency

The main issue with is their lack of regulation. If they are offering trading in Forex, Commodities and Stocks, they require licensing by a trading regulator. Most brokers opt for regulation with bodies such as CYSEC or the FCA. Trendsmacro have decided in their infinite wisdom to have ZERO association with ANY regulatory body. This is definitely the biggest concern when it comes to this company. Without regulation, there is no consumer protection and the company can do anything with your money and you can’t take action against them.

The company itself, (Ascana Group Ltd) is an offshore sheel corporation in the Marshall Islands. There is no way of identifying any members of the board, or people in control. This makes legal action against them almost impossible. A legitimate trading company would have publicly available records and the identities of the owner would be a matter of public record. This information being hidden is clearly a way to keep anonymity and protect these scammers from the police.

trendsmacro scam company

Domain Issues

The next concern and another red flag which is a trope of most scam companies, is their lack of correct contact information on their domain registration. Trendsmacro have hidden theirs in another attempt to hide from their victims. The domain was also first registered in 2020 which means they haven’t got a verifiable history. They have even gone to the lengths of paying for their domain information to be protected from the public. Just ask yourself, what would motivate a legitimate company to hide their identities so aggressively? Thats correct – a legitimate company wouldn’t…

trendsmacro is a big scam

Fake Trustpilot Reviews

Another great indicator that this company can’t be trusted, is their Trustpilot page. The reviews on the page (of which there are only 9), all seem to be from the kind of fake users who only ever have 1 or 2 reviews. The users who reviewed all seem to have reviewed a single generic company (Pizza hut, Mcdonalds etc) and then one review for trendsmacro. From the wording of the reviews, its obvious that they aren’t genuine and are the generic bot reviews that people pay for to boost their credibility.

Scam Software Links

The biggest red flag, is the fact that this broker is associated with a number of generic scam websites (usually crypto bots or fx robots). It is clear that they are in cahoots with these scam software products as they allow the scam software the ability to register and login to their trading engine without an issue. Type of access is done using an API. Now API access to a broker can only be given by the people who run the broker, implicating in each and every scam that it’s associated with. I registered with one of these scam trading bots today and I have been bombarded with calls from Trendsmacro representatives all day. They are very aggressive and push you to answer private information about your current income, savings and credit cards etc. They are clearly predatory and are only interested in squeezing every last penny from you.


There isn’t much left to say about this site, other than that you should avoid it at all costs. The links to scam software, its lack of regulation and anonymous owners are all major red flags and the hallmark of a complete scam.

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