Trade X Profit Scam Review

About a dozen Youtube Subscribers and WhatsApp friends asked me to take a look at a new software product that’s just hit the market called Trade X Profit. In my review below I will be looking to see if it’s the real deal or a scam. There are some bold claims that the software has been seen on Bloomberg, Forbes and CNN, but with a little research I can confirm these claims are untrue. I could find no articles referring to Trade X Profit on any of those sites proving the first of many x profit tested

The next issue I have is the seals of approval on the site. None of these have any merit as they are just images downloaded from the internet with no backing by any official body or other source.
trade x profit scam
Following on from this, there are some shady looking customer testimonials down the page with quotes like:

“Before Trade X Profit, I had cash in my last name only! I have made 409,800 dollars in 2 months and paid mortgage on my house. It works!”


“I have been using Trade X Profit for over an year now and I have made over 2.5 million dollars. Now its my turn to give back to the neighbourhood so I have set up a few charities”

These quotes are some of the most awful bullshit I have ever seen, such bold claims with nothing to back them up. Also when I googled the images of these so called customers, they are simply stock images that have been used instead of photos of actual people. Another easy way to spot a scam in my book.

And finally the nail in the coffin was the software itself. I took one look and could see straight away that its another iteration of the notorious SHITBOT. Yes that’s right, the most re-hashed, re-branded pile of shit software has yet another version out in the wild. Avoid this at all costs, the SHITBOT is totally useless and confirms that Trade X Profit needs to be added to my Binary Options Blacklist.

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