Terran Capitals Scam Review


Another product here that was suggested by one of my subscribers who received a spam email with a link to Terran Capitals in. I have taken a look at this product and unfortunately for the creator, its time for another useless pile of crap to be added to my Binary Options Blacklist.

terran capitals scam review

The tired format is the same as we have seen time and time again. Ridiculous claims about making stupid amounts of money all wrapped up in an unconvincing shell.

Terran Capitals online scam

The biggest issue with the site is the articles about Terran Capitals that have been quoted. I checked every one of these reputable news sites with a search for Terran Capital and not one of them turned up any kind of article or news item. How is it then that the Terran Capital site happens to show these webpages in a small screenshot for each one? The power of Photoshop, that’s how. They have taken screen grabs of random articles from each of the sites and simply spliced in some garbage they made up about Terran, and then haphazardly slapped in their logo. If you look closely at the images you will be able to tell that they are fakes without too much trouble.

 Terran Capital Fake News Stories

The quotes themselves claim that Terran Capitals is a massive company with major profits. Unfortunately for them, a simple Google search debunks that claim as well. No such company exists. These lies are so easy for someone to check and verify it makes me wonder if the creators were drunk or high when they had the idea to build this scam.

Terran Capitals Fake

The software itself is another iteration of the shitty interface that gets about 3 ne clones every month. The Alderley Code is one that I reviewed recently and the interface is identical apart from the logo and colourscheme. I have actually traded with this software on one of the other sites using it, and it wiped out my balance within 6 hours. Testimony enough for everyone to stay away from this scam.


Terran Capitals – Welcome to the Binary Blacklist. Hope you enjoy your stay…

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