The Profit Hack Scam Review

Today sees another unwilling product confined to my Binary Options Blacklist. I was approached by one of my youtube subscribers to investigate a new product called The Profit Hack. They told me that they had watched a really convincing live webinar and wanted to get my opinion before they parted with any money. I am glad they checked with me first, as Profit Hack is a clever scam. They use a “live” webinar streaming directly to their website to tell you all about their amazing system and how it can work for you. I let the webinar run and then reloaded the page and instantly I could see it was a fake webinar.
profit hack review
For a start, the names of the attendees is generated from a list in the website code and isn’t the names of real people. Secondly, the conversations going on in the chat, were exactly the same the second time I watched the “webinar”. The same timings and the same conversations word for word.
profit hack fake
On top of this they try and bully you into trading live on the webinar and getting you to deposit before you have time to even think about your decision. It’s a ruthless trick and one designed to make you think that you only have a few minutes to get in on the action. I can guarantee that this is all predetermined and designed to make you deposit without hesitation. The software itself is another garbage clone that has been rebranded after it was slammed by the critics.Profit hack is a scam

Profit Hack Scam Conclusion

Well good luck whoever owns Profit Hack, you will be rebranding again soon as you are now in my blacklist and getting bad reviews across the web.

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