Orion code scam review

Orion Code Review

Product Name: Orion Code

Type: Binary Options

URL: http://www.lttbo.com/orion/

The Orion Code has been released recently and a few of my Skype group members have asked me to take a look at it in a bit more detail as some people were worried that it might be a scam. You will be shocked to discover what I found out about the Orion Code during my investigation.

Orion Code Website

This site has just about every trademark of a scam all in one place..From the big fake countdown timer that resets every time you reload the page, to more false scarcity with “limited numbers available” etc all over the shop. To top it all off, there are loads of very bold claims that turn out to be lies. They guarantee that you will make 100K in 30 days or Orion will pay you 5K for failing. This is next to a claim that the software doesn’t lose. If the software doesn’t lose, then why the hell do they need to offer this fallback option? Because it’s a big scam that’s why! Also on the members page, there are a number of “verified” testimonials. All of the images used on these so called testimonials are in fact stock photos so another load of lies and deception to destroy any chances that Orion Code is legit.

orion code fake

Orion Code Video


Another cheesy video with a fake actor climbing in a private jet. It looks identical to one used on an old scam called BinaryApp 810. The guy in the video claims to be Edward Robinson, who is allegedly some nice guy millionaire philanthropist. He even cites that there is loads written about him at Forbes. Strange then, that when googling him we get nothing to verify that he is who he claims to be. Forbes makes no mention of Edward Robinson at any point for any reason. Another sure sign that the Orion Code is nothing but lies.


Orion Code Software


Refreshingly, the software interface actually looked quite good. Sadly this doesn’t last long. The Broker on offer is a total unknown, and for me that’s a worrying sign. Also the page where you are supposed to deposit at the broker isn’t a secure page on the brokers domain, but rather a form on the software. Now you cant be sure that these guys aren’t stealing your data or taking money directly from your credit card. This has tipped me over the edge and now the Orion Code is going in the Blacklist.

orion code scam proof

Orion Code Conclusion


Far too many concerns over safety of your credit card data, and also just bold faced lies plastered all over this one is more than enough to confirm that The Orion Code is definitely a scam.
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