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Another day, another shoddy software product that needs my critical eye. This one has been requested multiple times by members of my Skype group and also my website. www.scamxposed.com.opus formula scam review

From the outset, Opus gets on my nerves. The first thing I saw when I opened the page was a claim that there is “Only 1 Spot Left in United Kingdom”. This is a classic trick that has 2 parts to it. First of all, the number of spots being 1 is a technique called false scarcity and its designed to make you think you are one of the last possible members that has a chance to get it. This forces you to make a decision on the spur of the moment and fools many people. The second part of this trick uses IP location and a clever bit of scripting to display the country and flag of the visitor to fool you into thinking that its an exclusive offer in just your country. Trust me it isn’t. This is a tried and tested scammer trick that fools many people by making them think they are the lucky few rather than the truth.
opus formula interface
I started watching the video, but again it was more bullshit and unfortunately for Opus Formula, they showed the interface in the video. It’s the SHITBOT once again. Yet another version that has hit the marketplace and is fooling more and more unlucky people.. The shitbot is a trashy auto trader which doesn’t work. It has had more re-branding than I have had hot dinners. It keeps getting re-branded, released, slammed, taken down and then the whole cycle starts again. 100% scam, and Opus Formula is going on my Binary Options Scam Blacklist.

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