Navstar Trader Scam Review

Another disappointing piece of Binary Options software on display here in the form of Navstar Trader.

Navstar Trader ScamAll the signs point to a scam very early on with the massively inflated claims that are made about being able to make $22,005 daily. I hope no-one falls for this as its an appealing amount of money, however its totally unrealistic and the stuff of make believe. Nobody makes tens of thousands per day with binary options, its just not possible.

Then we have a plethora of fake testimonial images on the first couple of pages which go against Navstar as a legitimate product. They couple this with a fake Facebook feed which is a trick we have seen from many scams over the years and its usually a sign that the product is not to be trusted.

Navstar Trader ReviewThe video itself is unconvincing and goes on about making all this money but never shows any actual proof of any earnings. The only “proof” is a set of trades displayed on the second page which cant be verified and are certainly not to be believed.


Navstar Scam Software

There are also a number of fake security seals and antivirus stamps which aren’t real as they don’t link through to any kind of security certification or any other verifiable source whatsoever.

Is Navstar a ScamThere is also heavy use of geo targeting on the site which lulls people into believing that they have been specially chosen for an invitation to Navstar Trading. This method of making a product feel like an exclusive is a scam trick designed to make you snap it up while its still available. They couple this with countdown clocks and also a limited number of copies available to trick you. Don’t fall for this, they are spamming this crap out to millions of people via email, so your “invitation” isn’t as exclusive as you think.

Navstar Review Summary

I have seen enough of Navstar Trader to prove it’s a scam, don’t fall for it and instead try something real that actually works.


TrendXpert have a video of one of their training webinars at the moment, check it out below. You will see them make $720 profit with 100% success on the trades placed, LIVE. No screenshots, no bullshit photoshopped trade screens, just real trades placed in real time for anyone to see. It’s a legitimate binary options training service and I can testify that it does work.


Check the video here:


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