Gemini 2 Review

Product Name: Gemini 2

Type: Binary Options


gemini 2 scam

I never reviewed the original Gemini software, so was intrigued to see what this product had in store for me. I have had plenty of people telling me that they got email spam with links to Gemini 2 in, so I had to take a look to see what all the buzz was about.

Gemini 2 Website

The website has the usual geo targeting bull that we see on a daily basis, and the site claims that you can be one of the beta testers and make over $12K per day. This is totally unrealistic and already its looking pretty bad for Gemini 2.

gemini 2 is it legit

Gemini 2 Video


We are greeted by an actor in a suit driving a rented lambo, with “Gemini” on a fake regisitration plate. The actor claims to be Brandon Lewis the CEO of Gemini Investments. I did a quick search and the company doesn’t exist. I wasn’t surprised, as the “office” he goes to just has Gemini logos on bits of card stuck to the walls. Not a proper setup of a multi-million dollar fund as he claims the company to be. Also he goes on about the fact that the public release of Gemini 2 wont be released until 2018. If that’s the case, why would you risk your own money testing his software for him. If he is so rich and successful, he doesn’t need you to test. A big software company would have a team of professional testers. Another reason I don’t believe a word of this scam


Gemini 2 Software


Once again we are greeted with the Shitbot. That’s right folks, yet another clone of the worlds worst trading software has hit the market. Conclusive proof that Gemini 2 is a scam.

gemini 2 tested

Gemini 2 Conclusion


It’s the tired formula of cheesy video, lies and a terrible software product. Don’t get involved with Gemini 2 or you will lose money guaranteed… – OFFICIAL OPTIONBOT 3 LINK


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