Freedom Circle Review


This time out I have been messaged by a few subscribers who have lost money on a new Binary Options Software product called Freedom Circle. So today I will be checking out all the features of this software to see if it’s a scam or not. It seems to follow a similar pattern to the SHITBOTs that I have exposed as scams in the past.

freedom circle is a scam
Freedom Circle Website

The website is riddled with scammy tricks which is a major concern. There is a countdown timer scaring you into parting with your money, and this is definitely false as if you reload the page, the timer resets. The scammers use tactics like this to make you sign up and deposit money quickly, so you don’t have time to do any research into these scams. If you had more time, you would probably check the internet for reviews and if you were lucky, you would find this video and be able to find out the truth about Freedom Circle. The photo of the alleged owner, Kyle Stanford has a picture on the site and a simple google image search proves that it’s a stock photo and not a real guy. Any honest company wouldn’t have to hide behind a stock image. Also there are fake facebook and twitter feeds all over the shop and these can be easily checked and turned out to be 100% false too. Also there is some geo targeting and the usual bullshit seals assuring you of safety and security (in this case these are littered with spelling mistakes which is another sign of the scam).

freedom circle tested

Freedom Circle Video


The video harps on about some made up Global Financial Event which is going to tgive all the worlds wealth to a small number of people and Freedom Circle just so happens to be the only way onto the right side of that event. What a load of bollocks. The testomonials start and within a couple of minutes I managed to find the Fiverr actor profile and prove another lie.

does freedom circle work

Freedom Circle Software


Unfortunately, the Freedom Circle software interface is not available to test or demo without putting money in your broker account. And you cant even check the settings or see what’s under the hood without parting with money first. Ask yourself this, would you buy a car without having a look inside and a test drive? No you wouldn’t and any legitimate software service will at least allow you to see what’s going on before you part with money. Not looking good I’m afraid.

is freedom circle a scam

Freedom Circle Conclusion


In conclusion, this product cannot be endorsed as we cant see what’s behind the pay wall. If I could at least see the settings, etc. I might have even tested this with some money, but seeing as its all hidden away, I am going to have to call this a scam.



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