Another new product that I have been asked to look at. Fintech Limited just launched and its getting spammed out to mailboxes at an alarming rate. I will dig around to find out exactly what is going on and whether or not it’s a scam.

fintech limited scam
Fintech Website

The site is fairly glossy looking with a slick video and some nice touches, however there are some issues that arise pretty quickly when you start to look under the surface. There is some false scarcity in the form of limited slots available and this is wrapped up nicely with some geo targeting as well. The site claims you can make $875 per hour in the incessant popup that keeps showing if you do nothing for more than 30 seconds or try to close the page. There are some crappy quality seals and the usual guff that the scammers always use. More worryingly is the Facebook mockup that shows a number of testimonials in the guise of pretend comments that they claim to have received. I checked a few of the pictures out and they use a rake of stock photos. More worryingly, they use the photo of a man that was featured in the news in the USA for Bestiality and also 2 counts of second degree sexual assault. I lost my shit when I saw it, as you will see in my video. What a mistake to make when stealing random photos online to fake up some testimonials.

is fintech legit

Fintech Video


The video shows a guy called Daniel Roberts who is allegedly the CEO of Fintech Limited (a company that doesn’t exist by the way). He goes on about how he used to work with some programmers and one of them lost some money on trading and then they had their Eureka moment. What a pile of rubbish. The video goes on to explain that they developed an algorithm that made them over $400,000 in just a week. What BS.

fintech software scam

Fintech Software


Unfortunately, the Freedom Circle software interface is not available to test or demo without putting money in your broker account. And you cant even check the settings or see what’s under the hood without parting with money first. Ask yourself this, would you buy a car without having a look inside and a test drive? No you wouldn’t and any legitimate software service will at least allow you to see what’s going on before you part with money. Not looking good I’m afraid.


Fintech Conclusion


In conclusion, Fintech uses fake testimonial pictures of people that should be on an offenders register and makes a load of fake claims along the way. Coupled with the lack of any way to test the software without paying first, this is getting a severe thumbs down from me. If you want to see something that actually works, click on my recommended link to see the software that performs best in our current tests.







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