Currencies Club Scam Review

One of my Youtube Subscribers asked me to take a look at a new product that’s been released called Currencies Club. In my review below I will be looking to see if it’s a genuine piece of software or a scam.
currencies club scam
There are no wild claims or other obvious issues on the first page, the video is however badly put together and some of the grammar etc is pretty bad.

The founder of the currencies club, Robert Kevin is featured on the front page with a nice picture and a credit at the bottom of the screen. However Robert Kevins photo is actually a stock photo that has been scraped from the web. If Robert Kevin was a real person, then surely he would use a real photo of himself as he is endorsing his product. This is the first piece of evidence that Currencies Club is a scam.
currencies club does it work
Following on from this, there are some customer testimonials down the page and they all seem really impressive with users saying things like:
currencies club is fake
“I was looking for ways to make money out of my house, I managed to make few hundred taking surveys online but the time I spent was just not worth it, few weeks later I came across this strategy, and this amazing method made me over 12,000$ in less than 3 months”


“All my friends know that I am a very skeptical guy, I always double check everything I do, especially when it something new, but a friend came to me with this strategy, and since I believe him of course I decided to start with a small intial deposit, and WOW that’s the only I have to say, the broker and Robert Kevin who  answered every mail I sent him, made me both believe in the system but more importantly it made my a lot of MONEY!!!”

This would be impressive if it wasn’t for the fact that the photos used on these particular testimonials are ALL stock photos and not real people either.

So I am pretty much decided that Currencies Club is a total scam, but to be sure I signed up to see what the software was like. Unfortunately, there is no software. Just a broker signup which leaves you with no way of contacting support or anyone to explain what being a member of the club actually entails. For this reason and the issues I have already covered, Currencies Club is being added to my Binary Options Blacklist.

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