Cobalt Code Scam Review

So is the Cobalt Code a Scam? My detailed review below reveals the truth behind this scam and how to spot the tricks that the scammers use.
cobalt code is a scam
Upon first inspection, the Cobalt Code sure looks like a scam, its got the classic geo targeting and claims of mad amounts of money being made daily. More importantly, in my video above I prove how the testimonial images are all fake. Even though I couldn’t find them in Google images, when I checked the site out in a USA proxy the photos remained the same but the names and locations changed.
cobalt code is fake
The site also claims to be verified by 3 independent law firms. None of these are named so there is no way to substantiate that claim. They also took a massive risk putting the names of 5 major UK banks and their logos on the site claiming to be trusted and verified by them too. There is no way that a major UK bank would have anything to do with online trading as they are regulated by very different rules and cant be seen to endorse outside companies trading stocks of any kind.

Cobalt Code testimonials
The software itself is very similar to a couple of products that I have added to the blacklist recently. Just goes to show how quickly these scammers can re-brand a burnt product and trick another rake of people into emptying their bank accounts. We are seeing more and more of these quick turnaround re-branded clones of these horrible bots that don’t work. Keep an eye out for my upcoming report on these linked sites and how they operate. Another victim added to the Binary Options Blacklist. The Cobalt Code.

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