Aussie Method Scam Review

Another product that I have been asked to review by my Youtube subscribers – Aussie Method. This one turned out to be very easy to unveil as a devious scam and my review below will show you concrete evidence to support this.
aussie brit canuck method
I have gotten into the habit of googling any images of people that claim to be associated with the products I review. I do this as if they are legitimate, then the people in the pictures are usually genuine as scammers wouldn’t use their real photos on a bogus product. The Aussie Method is supposedly created by a guy called Jake Pertu and he slaps a big picture of himself on the site, so I decided to google the image as it looked pretty much like a stock photo. What I uncovered was suprising to say the least.  Jake Pertu’s picture revealed 2 similar sites using the same photo. The Brit Method and the Canuk Method. All the sites were exactly the same only the name of the site and Jakes name had been changed. This is clearly a sign that this is a cleverly targeted scam as the UK, Australia and Canadian markets are the most saturated with Binary Options traders.
aussie method scam review
The rest of the site is a mix of fake facebook feeds, twitter mockups (which use the wrong font btw) and some dummy phone messages that are so easy to fake.  This was all so blatantly a lie, I didn’t even need to watch the video to conclude that the Aussie Method is a scam and should be avoided. This is another product being added to my blacklist. If you have any products that you want me to review, please contact me using the details below or leave a comment on my Youtube Videos and I will happily investigate any product that you are concerned or curious about.

aussie method scam

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