Alderley Code Scam


This product has some high value production and slick actors and camera work. I say actors because Grant Alderley isn’t a real person. I can prove this by taking apart this scam for you and showing you examples of the same scam being recycled over and over again with a new name and a fancy video.

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First of all the annoying thing is, you cant stop the video from playing but that’s not the only issue with the video. The guy playing Grant Alderley sets up a “live” phone call with one of his new “users”. This is so scripted its not even funny. Also he dials a number that doesn’t answer, and makes all these awkward faces to make you think that its an unplanned mistake. Trust me its all part of the plan. The next person he phones “Christopher” just happens to have the software open in front of him. How very convenient…

Grant Alderley Scam

The call is all scripted and staged. He even gets the guy to attempt a live withdrawal over the phone to get you to buy into this “insured” gimmick. For a start, the Broker holds your funds, not the bot so there is no way they can insure your profits. Secondly the only thing they can promise is that you will lose all of your money.

alderley code tested

They use the classic geo targeting and tell you there is only one spot left. I bet if you visit that site 100 times, there will always be 1 spot available as its more tricks to make you sign up.

They also try and lure you in with a last ditch attempt to get your money by offering you $1000 cash when your mouse goes off the page. This is an old trick but fools so many people.

alderley code software scam

The biggest issue with the whole setup is the fact that the software is a crappy re-branded version of the same awful autotrader used on other scams such as The Referral Project, Globe Traders, Money Glitch, 98 Success and many others that have all been exposed as scams over the last year or so.

alderley code grant alderley

The Alderley Code has not tried to over sell their product by making wild claims, but they do however still fall into the scam category. No matter how shiny the wrapping is, a piece of dogshit is always going to be a piece of dogshit…

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