Live Profits Scam Review

A few days ago I got an email about Live Profits. A new software product that has been making waves over the last couple of weeks. Created by Robert Wilson, this ground-breaking new software is pumping out consistent profits for its users so I decided to give it a go myself.

Live Profits

First of all, its worth pointing out that this isn’t your usual software. If you watch one of Roberts live seminars, you will see that he can make real profits for real people in front of your very eyes. None of this fake screen shot and bank statement junk we are all so used to seeing. Robert is also very humble, even though he has made a fortune trading privately. Normally the “Gurus” you see are so arrogant and full of themselves, you cant help but see that Robert is the real deal.

Live Profits Seminar

The seminar is well worth watching as it shows you real people turning a small investment into big profit in only a very short space of time. He proves that he is really live on his stream by showing you the live date and time on and you can see all his interactions with the attendees all the way through.


The broker used is OptionFM, a great broker who utilise fair and just terms of business which protect the customer from some of the dodgy dealings that some binary brokers get up to.


I am 100% sold on the legitimacy of Live Profits and I’m prepared to put my own money where my mouth is. I have made a $250 deposit and secured my copy of the software to test its limits.

Now be warned, there are only limited spaces available and I took one of them today, so if you want to join, now is the time to do it. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED WITH LIVE PROFITS TODAY

I will be updating my blog and youtube channel with some updates on my progress with Live Profits so check back soon to see more about it.