Today I will be taking you through the Best Optionbot Settings for Thursday the 10th April 2015

Best Optionbot Settings 10th April 2015

Firstly I have had another email from one of my subscribers who used my tips to great effect yesterday and took advantage of a strong Australian Dollar to make a number of successful trades. Glad to see my tips are helping you all to make more money using Optionbot

Today sees the UK manufacturing figures released and this will cause a strong surge of trades on GBP throughout the day.

Also the Canadian unemployment figures are being released at the same time as the New York exchange opens, to take advantage of a surging Canadian dollar against the US dollar.

As such todays recommended Optionbot Settings are as follows:

USD/CAD – M15 – 12 PIPS
GBP/USD – M15 – 8 Pips
EUR/GBP – M15 – 10 Pips

Trade with the Pound and the Canadian Dollar.

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