Premium Trading Signals Review

Premium Trading Signals Review

We have been asked to post a full review on Premium Trading Signals following our involvement in the Beta Testing back in May. Here is our full, review coverage.


Premium Trading Signals Homepage

So the premise behind Premium Trading Signals is to provide secure, reliable trading signals for users in any region. Too may times we have seen that either broker restrictions or payment processors have limited the scope of these type of programs. Using Bitcoin as a payment method, PTS have managed to open up the scope of their service to all users worldwide. They offer 2 packages, with varying funding options to suit all budgets.

Payments & Options

As far as payment options go, they offer Bitcoin so that all countries can be included in their user roster. They also offer a Broker Funded package that allows users in certain countries to fund by depositing in a broker. This can’t be made available to all countries, purely due to certain restrictions placed in some jurisdictions. The brokers in the list are all regulated and have good reputations which is a huge bonus.

Premium Trading Signals Pricing

Premium Trading Signals, has 2 levels of service. Standard and Professional. Both of these packages are offered with a Lifetime License, so a one off payment gets you Signals for as long as you want. The Standard Package has less signals and no Crypto alerts, but still offers great value in the return you can expect from the signals.

The Professional Package is the one to go for if you can afford it though. Faster, more widely ranging signals with Crypto Assets included. Well worth the extra, and about the same price as the standard if you go for a Broker Funded payment option.


The Alpha and Beta tests we were part of, produced very strong results with ITM of 86% overall. Not many signals services can boast anything even close to that. Since its public release in July 2019, that average has increased to over 90% which puts Premium Trading Signals at the top of the tree for Value & ROI in the industry. A solid investment in these signals will yield a great return if these numbers remain as good as they currently are.

For more information check out our video review below or contact us.

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Ice9 Review and Test

Ice9 Review and Test

Reviewed – ICE9

A totally different approach today. Rather than me being asked to check out a scam by my followers and subscribers, I have been approached by the people behind ICE9 and challenged to check it out. A bold move and one that seems to either be very confident or very arrogant. I took this as a challenge to find fault with it, so I have deposited some of my own cash and put it to a real test.

Ice 9 Tech

Rather than the normal scammy tactics, the ICE9 site seems to be very slick and well produced. You can clearly see that the video and the interface are well put together and no corners have been cut.

The developer of ICE9, Aaron Palmer has put his name and face to the software which is also either very brave or very dumb. I got hold of the software yesterday and managed to put a quick trade on, in between other videos I was editing. I checked this morning, and it had Won so I put a couple more on based on the signals and they also came ITM.
Ice9 Video

I also wanted to put the broker Option888 to the test, so with my balance being up to over £300 from a starting £250, I withdrew a small amount of £40 and am waiting to see when it hits my account. I have also placed a few auto-trades and am waiting for them to expire. I like the fact that there is a mix of long and short-term trades as most of these types of bots simply spam you with 60 second trades and wipe you out pretty quickly.

So far so good for Ice 9 with 3 wins out of 3 trades. I will be doing regular updates to let you all know how it is going.

ICE9 Trading Update

Today’s video shows some of my recent trades with Ice9 with a 9/10 ITM rate.

I also received my withdrawal from Option888 today so I thought I would show you my account to put people at ease about withdrawals being difficult. I have also learned a great deal about ICE9 in the last couple of days and I think I have hit upon the correct way to use it to maximize profits. My profit is now around £340, so have doubled my balance in a few hours of trading. Impressive stuff so far.
Ice 9 Technology Review

The Auto Trade function is a little aggressive for my liking and it can fire earlier than I would like. To counter this, I have decided to only place manual trades using the software. With the manual trades, limit yourself to trades with a probability of 85% and upwards. Anything below this and you will be taking too big a risk in my opinion. I will return to ICE9 with a long term test update when I have a few weeks of trading under my belt.
Ice 9 Tips

To get started with ICE9, use the link below:


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Social Trading Tech Scam Review

Social Trading Tech Scam Review

Social Trading Tech Scam Review

Firstly, please let me explain that this is more of a preview than a review. I have been granted early access to a hot new product that is in development at the moment called Social Trading Tech. Its not out for a few weeks yet, but the creators have very kindly given me a chance to put it through its paces and supply them with feedback. I am not permitted to do a video at this point, or to show any screen shots of the software as its still in Beta testing so its likely to change somewhat before it is released to the general public.

Firstly I have to say, the software looks amazing, its a completely unique platform and not one of the “off the shelf” white label products that we see so much of these days. They built it from the ground up, to serve their own needs and didn’t need to compromise on quality as they had the freedom to do what they want.


Secondly, its a great piece of software to use. Social Trading Tech has taken the sometimes complicated trading interface and made it very simple. Its clear what everything does and everything works as it should do. I cant wait to see how it looks and works after the final layer of polish has been added.

social trading tech

In terms of performance, I used the signals for my first 3 days of trading and they were very consistent. 85-90% ITM is nothing to be sniffed at and not many applications have the backup to provide signals of this quality. Very promising indeed. Once I had 3 days of solid signal performance under my belt, I felt confident enough to start using the Social Trading Tech Autotrader function. This performed admirably over the next few days and made consistent profits. I had it on the lowest minimum stake, and was still averaging $400 profit per day. I wish I could show you it in action in one of my Youtube Videos, but until its launch, my hands are tied.

The whole premise around social trading isnt a new one, but the guys behind this have really harnessed its raw potential and created a product that could change the game for lots of home traders. Watch this space, as I think its going to spawn a whole new breed of trading tools that focus on the social trading aspect. Imagine being able to choose a winning trade and then help others do the same. Or conversely get help from seasoned traders and copy what they do to make money in Binary Options. I am way too excited about this and cant wait to see where it eventually leads.

social trading tech scam

Until its release, I will have to end it there, but stay tuned and check back on this page when it does come out, as I will show my full video review of the finished product and a whole host of testing/results videos. If you want to learn more about other products that I have already reviewed, please check out my blog, and remember that if a product hasn’t been reviewed by someone you trust, dont deposit! Thats all for now, but I hope you are as excited as I am about the launch of Social Trading Tech.


Monday 8th February 2016 – UPDATE

Social Tech Trader has now gone live! I will be doing an update video later today, in the mean time use the link below to sign up for an account and get started immediately.

Access Link


Trading Toolkit Review

Trading Toolkit Review

Hello and welcome to my trading toolkit review.

Trading Toolkit is a brand new product that has been developed by the legit Binary Options expert, Lee from FBOS.

Does Trading Toolkit Work? Is Trading Toolkit a Scam? What is Trading Toolkit? Is Trading Toolkit an Autotrader?

Let me answer those questions for you. Lee is a REAL person, who exposes scams on Youtube. He has a well-established channel; with a huge subscriber base and you can see all his great positive feedback in the comments in his videos. He developed the software to put something out there that was actually a valuable trading resource and it’s a complete change from all the scams which seem to appear on a daily basis.

The features of the service include:

  • Full Charting
  • Economic Calendar
  • Advanced Signals
  • SMS Signals

And the best part is, that Lee is constantly updating and improving the service and if you want a new feature added, simply ask him and he will get it done. The SMS service for example was requested by his users, so he put it together after the service launched.

Also you can tell it’s a legit service as he has a phone number on the site, where you can call and speak to Lee himself! How many Binary Options Software providers can claim that they offer that? Also he has a full team on live chat to help with any problems and also speak to his trading team and get advice on your trades.

Trading Toolkit is NOT an Autotrader. It’s a legitimate Service.

Please don’t forget to share my video and subscribe to my channel to get all the latest updates on the scams and real products for the Binary Options marketplace.

Thanks for watching.

Binary Bank Breaker Review

Binary Bank Breaker Review

Binary Bank Breaker Review

Today I am looking at the latest Binary Options product to set the internet ablaze with hype. Binary Bank Breaker.

The claims about Binary Bank Breaker have really got my interest so I decided to do a little digging and see what I can find out.


So I spent yesterday trawling the web to get user feedback and get a feel for whats really going on here and I must say I’m very impressed. There are videos all over youtube, proving that people are making real money with this which has filled me with confidence that this is the real deal.

Binary Bank Breaker Screen

XE Trader

I also made a startling discovery about the products origins. I got chatting to a guy called Brian who has links to the guys that run Binary Bank Breaker and he has lead me to believe that the engine behind the trades is the XE Trader engine.

Now for those that don’t know, XE Trader is a commercially available signal analysis tool that costs about £20,000 per year or a license. The reason its so expensive is simply because its SO good. Also the guys behind it are VERY selective about who gets the rights to buy one of these licenses. They don’t give them out to just anyone so you can rest assured that the guys behind Binary Bank Breaker really know what they’re doing.

Binary Bank Breaker Proof

I’m convinced that this is going to be one of the best Binary Apps of the year and it gets my full recommendation. Get it HERE

I will also be doing a follow up on this product to show you how much money I make using it, so keep on checking back for updates.

Update Video 1


Live Profits Scam Review 2015

Live Profits Scam Review 2015

Live Profits Scam Review

A few days ago I got an email about Live Profits. A new software product that has been making waves over the last couple of weeks. Created by Robert Wilson, this ground-breaking new software is pumping out consistent profits for its users so I decided to give it a go myself.

Live Profits

First of all, its worth pointing out that this isn’t your usual software. If you watch one of Roberts live seminars, you will see that he can make real profits for real people in front of your very eyes. None of this fake screen shot and bank statement junk we are all so used to seeing. Robert is also very humble, even though he has made a fortune trading privately. Normally the “Gurus” you see are so arrogant and full of themselves, you cant help but see that Robert is the real deal.

Live Profits Seminar

The seminar is well worth watching as it shows you real people turning a small investment into big profit in only a very short space of time. He proves that he is really live on his stream by showing you the live date and time on and you can see all his interactions with the attendees all the way through.


The broker used is OptionFM, a great broker who utilise fair and just terms of business which protect the customer from some of the dodgy dealings that some binary brokers get up to.


I am 100% sold on the legitimacy of Live Profits and I’m prepared to put my own money where my mouth is. I have made a $250 deposit and secured my copy of the software to test its limits.

Now be warned, there are only limited spaces available and I took one of them today, so if you want to join, now is the time to do it. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED WITH LIVE PROFITS TODAY

I will be updating my blog and youtube channel with some updates on my progress with Live Profits so check back soon to see more about it.