MetaFi Yielders Review – Scamxposed

MetaFi Yielders Review – Scamxposed

MetaFi Yielders Review

This review covers the website Based on Yield Farming, this investment program offers up to 4.2% interest on a 30 business day investment. Upon first inspection, MetaFi Yielders appears to be operating well, with positive user feedback and transparency from its management.

So What is MetaFi Yielding?

MetaFi Yielders uses Yield Farming to generate income. Yield Farming is a method of producing and earning cryptocurrency from your holdings. Its been compared to farming because it’s a clever and innovative way to grow your investment. The process entails lending crypto assets for interest to DEFI platforms which deposit them in a liquidity pool, which is essentially a smart contract for holding funds. 

As a yield farmer you may lend digital assets such as Dai to borrowers via a DApp such as Compound. Interest rates fluctuate according to the level of demand and the interest is calculated daily.

MetaFi Yielders use yield farming protocols to do the work for you, allowing you to receive daily returns and withdraw them to your wallet every 24 hours. For more information view the Metafi Yielders Official Site Here

MetaFi Company Details

The company behind MetaFi Yielders is METAFIYIELDERS PTY LTD registered in New South Wales, Australia on 18th March 2022 via the Australian Securities & Investments Commission. For more information view the Metafi Yielders Official Site Here

metafi yielders company information


The communication, live feeds and easy access to the CEO shows a confidence that most scams would avoid, this is a very positive sign. Its too early for a final judgement however. For now, this concludes our MetaFi Yielders review. Everything so far seems very positive, with no negative press or reviews in the media. We will be running a full investment test and posting results on our Youtube channel in the near future, so keep an eye out. For more information view the Metafi Yielders Official Site Here

Quantum Hedge Fund Review – Scam

Quantum Hedge Fund Review – Scam

So What is Quantum Hedge Fund?

So the basic premise behind is that it offers stable cryptocurrency investments with alleged returns of around 15% monthly. They claim to have a hedge fund that invests in financial markets and a number of experts in both algorythmic and manual trading of digital assets. All sounds great huh? Well continue reading our Quantum Hedge Fund Review to see why this may not be all it is cracked up to be…

quantum hedge fund scam
Quantum Hedge Fund Review

The Team

So one of the main issues with Quantum Hedge Fund is the people who are behind it. There are some names on their list which should get some alarm bells ringing:

Jan Janssen – The lack of information about this guy is worrying, for someone who is the CEO of an alleged huge corporation, he should really have more of a digital footprint.

Bruce Porter – He has allegedly been involved in previous crypto scams including Naked Dollars Coin which was an ICO scam. He also got caught selling tickets for a free event for $50. This guy clearly has no problem ripping people off…

Reuben Godfrey – This guy has been involved with multiple ICO projects which have turned out to be a bad call for investors, Here are just a couple of them: Stop The Fakes & Kepler Technologies. There really seems to be an awful lot of reports about this guy being involved with projects that dont have the best intentions, and some which are full-on scams allegedly.

Mohamed Shoieb & Thomas Enechi – These two were advisors on a project called the Endo Protocol which raised a cool 5 million dollars and then vanished in a puff of smoke!

With a team like this, do you really think your investment is safe?

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The Fund

A traditional hedge fund has real, traceable activity, and most importantly regulation. Two things which this fund don’t appear to have. They sell the dream of profits with their “calculator” which seems too good to be true.

Quantum hedge fund profit calculator
Hedge fund “Calculator”

They do have a monthly “profit report” but none of the information can be independently verified which raises many other questions. They show their “ideas” on tradingview, but all this proves is that they have at least 1 person who can do some analysis. This doesnt prove any trading activity whatsoever.

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Then we get on to the regulation issue. Any company targeting UK based customers and offering financial investments or fund management needs to be registered with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and as you can see, Quantum Hedge Fund are not registered or affiliated with the FCA in any way, shape or form. This to me is a MASSIVE RED FLAG

quantum hedge fund unregulated

The Ponzi Angle

As we delve deeper into this Quantum Hedge Fund Review, another thing that seems to be overlooked, is the “Ponzi” angle. There is a lot of money being thrown at affiliates/referrals and they have a tiered system to reward their most productive referrers.

They reward these people with up to 22% of their “profits” which begs the question, is this actually trading profit, or a simple share of the amount being invested? If so, then 22% of your investment is being shared out amongst the “partner” program, which has all the trademarks of a Ponzi scheme.

Their “Agency” program is even more concerning, it has an MLM style setup with levels you can achieve depending on your “team”.

quantum hedge fund mlm
MLM Structure

This shows a ridiculous “Example” of how the money is funneled up to the higher ups within their program and makes the mind boggle as to exactly how much of your investment ends up in the pockets of others…

quantum hedge fund scam
quantum hedge fund ponzi
This structure is classic ponzi strategy


Time to wrap up our Quantum Hedge Fund Review. So lets see what we have here? A heady mix of Crypto Industry “bad guys”, unverified “proof”, a lack of regulation and a Ponzi style setup. All in all, this makes me want to shout “BIIIITTTTCOOONNNEEEEEEEEEECCCCTTTT” at the top of my voice. Be very careful guys, this one seems too good to be true.

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