Crunch Tech Scam Review

Crunch Tech Scam Review

Crunch Tech Scam Review


Got a fair amount of requests to cover this product, with early adopters showing consistent results.

crunch tech scam

The first page of Crunch Tech doesn’t show any of the obvious signs of being a scam. It also covers weather prediction technology which has been the focus of some previously successful apps. Also there were no signs of fake earnings, dodgy testimonials or other tricks, so Crunch Tech looks promising. Unlike lots of scams out there, Crunch Tech appears to show signs of being a legitimate piece of software, but thats not to say its 100%, before we can reach that conclusion, we really need to put it to the test.

crunch tech review

I decided to deposit $400 into the account at OptionStars that they opened for me, so I am going to give it a try with my own money to see what happens. its risky, but with a good few people commenting on my Skype Group that they are having good results, it seems too good an opportunity to ignore.


Rather than relying on the autotrader, I am going to trade manually as I feel it gives much better control and also allows me to choose when to hold off and when to trade. As I mention in my Youtube Video, Crunch Tech has both Auto Trade and manual trade options. Usually I find the auto traders to be very aggressive and can easily see why so many products get a bad reputation. If left unchecked, a poorly constructed auto trader will struggle to make a profit, and can sometimes wipe out balances very quickly. I find using the manual signals and checking against real charts can be a massive edge.

crunch tech software

I will also be using the TrendXpert software to assist in making my trading decisions to make sure I am trading correctly. This is such an important part of the process and one that I would recommend that you all take if you are looking to try out Crunch Tech.

Crunch Tech Update


Ice9 Review and Test

Ice9 Review and Test

Reviewed – ICE9

A totally different approach today. Rather than me being asked to check out a scam by my followers and subscribers, I have been approached by the people behind ICE9 and challenged to check it out. A bold move and one that seems to either be very confident or very arrogant. I took this as a challenge to find fault with it, so I have deposited some of my own cash and put it to a real test.

Ice 9 Tech

Rather than the normal scammy tactics, the ICE9 site seems to be very slick and well produced. You can clearly see that the video and the interface are well put together and no corners have been cut.

The developer of ICE9, Aaron Palmer has put his name and face to the software which is also either very brave or very dumb. I got hold of the software yesterday and managed to put a quick trade on, in between other videos I was editing. I checked this morning, and it had Won so I put a couple more on based on the signals and they also came ITM.
Ice9 Video

I also wanted to put the broker Option888 to the test, so with my balance being up to over £300 from a starting £250, I withdrew a small amount of £40 and am waiting to see when it hits my account. I have also placed a few auto-trades and am waiting for them to expire. I like the fact that there is a mix of long and short-term trades as most of these types of bots simply spam you with 60 second trades and wipe you out pretty quickly.

So far so good for Ice 9 with 3 wins out of 3 trades. I will be doing regular updates to let you all know how it is going.

ICE9 Trading Update

Today’s video shows some of my recent trades with Ice9 with a 9/10 ITM rate.

I also received my withdrawal from Option888 today so I thought I would show you my account to put people at ease about withdrawals being difficult. I have also learned a great deal about ICE9 in the last couple of days and I think I have hit upon the correct way to use it to maximize profits. My profit is now around £340, so have doubled my balance in a few hours of trading. Impressive stuff so far.
Ice 9 Technology Review

The Auto Trade function is a little aggressive for my liking and it can fire earlier than I would like. To counter this, I have decided to only place manual trades using the software. With the manual trades, limit yourself to trades with a probability of 85% and upwards. Anything below this and you will be taking too big a risk in my opinion. I will return to ICE9 with a long term test update when I have a few weeks of trading under my belt.
Ice 9 Tips

To get started with ICE9, use the link below:


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Neo2 Scam Review

Neo2 Scam Review

neo2 logo


From one of the most trusted people in Binary Options comes a new product that harnesses the power of advanced computer based weather prediction models to predict the weather and in turn, predict certain commodity prices within the stock market. A real mix of clever technology and not some cobbled together spammy, junk auto trader that just destroys your balance. This is quite refreshing and has given me the confidence to deposit some of my own money in and do a thorough test.

neo2 scam

Michael Freeman has been exposing Binary Options scams for a long time on YouTube and he has been part of some of the most successful Binary Options based trading solutions the world has ever seen. Now he is using his trading technology to team up with some very clever boffins to make his software platform even more stable than ever. Neo2 looks great so far and it avoids all the usual scammy tricks to get you to sign up. Not only that, but the interface is very simple to use and doesn’t have loads of annoying tickers and junk information clogging up the screen. Just a simple panel with news information which is a vital resource to any trader. Its also dead easy to use. Just click on the 2 buttons to connect to the relevant services and then a button to start the auto trader running. Once its started, its all automated. What I will say is, don’t ever leave an auto trader unattended for long periods as its just an unnecessary risk.

neo2 software

There were also no obvious stock photos or actors that I could uncover. It’s a refreshing change to see and I have high hopes for Neo2. I have put £375 of my own money in to do a solid test of its performance and I will be updating over a number of videos so you can check back on my progress. You can access Neo2 using the link below



Wall Street Lifestyle Scam Review

Wall Street Lifestyle Scam Review

Full Review Coming Soon

My review of Wall Street Lifestyle.  Its not a new product and is one that I haven’t seen before. I was asked by one of my Skype Group members to take a look and let them know what my thoughts on it are. First impressions are pretty good.

It doesn’t use the usual scammy tactics with countdown timers and cheesy videos with fake gurus. It does have a couple of inconsistencies and also some of the images are re-used on another product called the This product has been removed from the web so I think this is a re-brand of an old product. I haven’t reviewed Harvard Signals either so cant be sure if this is a good or bad thing.

However, there are plenty of reasons why this could be a legitimate piece of software. It has been around for a while which is a good thing. The software interface also seems quite intuitive too.

Im on the fence with this one, please let me know in the comments below if you want me to put $250 in and see how it performs.

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300 Dollar Trade a Scam?

300 Dollar Trade a Scam?


My scam review of 300 Dollar Trade wasnt very conclusive. The offer of $300 is probably going to trick a few people into losing money. This product doesnt clearly identify itself as either an autotrader or a signal service. I actually think its a broker that has redesigned its interface to make it look like a bot to take advantage of the popularity of binary options bots.

let me know in the comments below if you want me to dig deeper into this one and I will do a more extensive test. I might even invest some money to see just how good or bad it is.

For now, I would tread lightly and be careful around this product. – TOP PERFORMING BOT – RECOMMENDED SOFTWARE – AWESOME TRADING TOOL
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Binary Freedom Formula Is It a Scam

Binary Freedom Formula Is It a Scam

binary freedom formula deadBinary Freedom Formula Scam

OMG – What a dry site!! It looks like somebody with ZERO imagination has put it together. Really surprising considering it is SUCH a success story that they didn’t have the funds to get somebody professional to do it. Call it semantics but they are saying there’s a difference with this because it is a FORMULA and not a SYSTEM. Hmm, surely any of these autobots use a system, formula, call it what you will … but they’re all designed to take into account current trends, market forces, etc and throw out a signal aren’t they? Not sure why they think theirs is anything new. Or maybe they’re appealing to those who’ve never looked at one of these so-called trading sites before and want to baffle people with words.

Claims to consistently win $1300 daily – doesn’t say what you have to trade to get that return. Bit of a throwaway comment really unless you start questioning what it actually means and it can be proved. Then there’s a screenshot of “live trades” …. Hmm, how do I KNOW they’re ACTUAL, live trades?

It’s a time-sensitive offer with just a few spots being offered – well, strangely enough, all these scam sites say the same. They bombard you into signing up under pressure because apparently “they don’t want to flood the market” … WHY? Isn’t there enough money to go around …. I thought money made the world go around? There must be enough!!! However, should I not be lucky enough to get one of these free ‘spots’ I can purchase the ‘formula’ for $997. Loads of screenshots of so-called testimonials but again, what proof is there that these are for real??

Just having a quick look at the FAQs and luckily it does work in MOST countries in the world …. Can’t imagine a reason why ANY country would be excluded if this is web-based????

I’m trying to find out more before I go through to any sign up page …. So I have a look at the two videos on the main page. Soooo glad I did … Jason Williams, a ‘Proud Trader’ told me so much, NOT!! All he says is he wanted a reliable formula (note not a ‘System’) that made him money and now he makes at least $1250 daily. He didn’t want to get involved with those scammers out there. Then goes on to say “God Bless You Guys” … well, that’s it! Nothing else, no explanation of what the system is, why it is good, how long he’s been using it, NADA, NOTHING. What is the point of that video? And Daniel Cruz, the other ‘Proud Trader’ says he carefully checked other users’ experiences … can’t imagine how he managed to do that. There’s nothing on this site that would convince me that any other users had a good experience or indeed there are any other users.

It has 93.5% accuracy and is being offered to just 27 people every year. Can’t believe they have 24×7 support for just 27 people he’s letting have the software – quite an impressive commitment on his part – he is SUCH a generous guy.

Binary Freedom Formula 100% Scam

binary freedom formula review

The founder is a hacker and that’s why he wants to remain anonymous as he “hacks” for big corporations for a living, even though he has already earnt himself $12million. Why does he still need to work – how much does one guy need to live??? He has a Masters from West Virginia University so he’s clever too – I expect he dates models, plays in a rock band and swans around in a yacht at the weekend or does he spend all his time trying to help those less fortunate than himself?

He doesn’t say what the minimum trade is or who I have to register with but I have a sneaking suspicion it will be at least $250 with his chosen broker. He’s saying I have to reinvest 50% of my winnings back into trading and withdraw money at regular intervals – is that so his chosen broker can claw back a withdrawal fee each time?

This site offers me no evidence whatsoever of what it is saying. So in the words of the dragons “I’m out!”

Give me something more substantial with more than screenshots and “God Bless Yous” …. I use They’ve been showing me how to trade for myself which is a lot less scary than leaving it to an autotrader. They don’t make out that they are successful on every trade because if they were, they wouldn’t be wasting their time still working would they? They’d be out there sailing their yachts! But they do operate on a 75-85% success rate and they can prove it. I follow the two live webinars daily and choose whether to trade or not. Usually I take my lead from them though because they do have the experience I lack and I can replicate the trades real time using their software. Once I started getting into it, I decided I could benefit from a more one to one training so I did that too. You can see the system in action on YouTube and see what it is that you would be signing up to.