Premium Trading Signals Review

Premium Trading Signals Review

We have been asked to post a full review on Premium Trading Signals following our involvement in the Beta Testing back in May. Here is our full, review coverage.


Premium Trading Signals Homepage

So the premise behind Premium Trading Signals is to provide secure, reliable trading signals for users in any region. Too may times we have seen that either broker restrictions or payment processors have limited the scope of these type of programs. Using Bitcoin as a payment method, PTS have managed to open up the scope of their service to all users worldwide. They offer 2 packages, with varying funding options to suit all budgets.

Payments & Options

As far as payment options go, they offer Bitcoin so that all countries can be included in their user roster. They also offer a Broker Funded package that allows users in certain countries to fund by depositing in a broker. This can’t be made available to all countries, purely due to certain restrictions placed in some jurisdictions. The brokers in the list are all regulated and have good reputations which is a huge bonus.

Premium Trading Signals Pricing

Premium Trading Signals, has 2 levels of service. Standard and Professional. Both of these packages are offered with a Lifetime License, so a one off payment gets you Signals for as long as you want. The Standard Package has less signals and no Crypto alerts, but still offers great value in the return you can expect from the signals.

The Professional Package is the one to go for if you can afford it though. Faster, more widely ranging signals with Crypto Assets included. Well worth the extra, and about the same price as the standard if you go for a Broker Funded payment option.


The Alpha and Beta tests we were part of, produced very strong results with ITM of 86% overall. Not many signals services can boast anything even close to that. Since its public release in July 2019, that average has increased to over 90% which puts Premium Trading Signals at the top of the tree for Value & ROI in the industry. A solid investment in these signals will yield a great return if these numbers remain as good as they currently are.

For more information check out our video review below or contact us.

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Optionbot 3.0 Review

Optionbot 3.0 Review

Product Name: Optionbot 3.0

Type: Binary Options Trends


Optionbot 3 Review


This is a product very close to my heart, I was one of the original developers of Optionbot, the first Binary Options Trend Indicators ever produced. This product launched back in 2012 and literally changed the binary marketplace forever. Many people tried to copy it, many failed and very few succeeded. We made the 2nd version and then TrendXpert bought the rights and changed it to their own software. Now they have partnered with a new company and taken Optionbot to the next level. This is something really new and exciting and I cant wait to see the results.

Optionbot 3 Website

This is totally the right way to build a website for a Binary Options software product. No BS, no video full of cheesy actors and no fake testimonials etc plastered all over the place. Also no countdown timers, no geo targeting and overall a welcome change to the awful stuff we see on a regular basis. Clear, concise and to the point with information about what Optionbot is and what Optionbot does.

optionbot 3 scam

Optionbot 3 Video


There is no video on the site, so we are saved from a load of unbelievable crap by actors and fiverr testimonials. I like this approach, it doesn’t need to try hard to convince people to part with money as the reputation of Optionbot speaks for itself.

optionbot test

Optionbot 3 Software

optionbot 3 software

The software interface is interesting, there are some elements of the TrendXpert design there, but they have really taken the time to create something very user friendly and good looking too. The software also comes with a €1000 demo so you can play with the settings and not risk any of your own money. They have a cool little feature called 60 second sniper trades which takes very quick trading opportunities. This is coupled with the awesome custom trend features that you could use in the old Optionbot and all the advanced charting too. All in a great little package and one I will be testing thoroughly this week .


Optionbot 3 Conclusion


Looking great so far, with a full test in the works. Check back for more on this as I release my review videos. – OFFICIAL OPTIONBOT 3 LINK


If you are interested in seeing the recommended software from my recent tests, please visit the link below. – RECOMMENDED SOFTWARE



You can now also add me on Skype to get FREE advice on Binary Options. You can ask me about the latest software products, brokers, or just get trading tips and general advice.


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Underdog Millionaire Review

Underdog Millionaire Review

Underdog Millionaire Review


Jamie from my Whatsapp group has asked me to take a look at a new binary options product called underdog millionaire. Not to shy away from a challenge, I have decided to give my opinon on this product, and figure out if it’s a scam or not. However, this one is not as straightforward as it seems. underdog millionaire tested

Underdog Millionaire Website

The site itself doesn’t have too many concerning elements. There is a distinct lack of any tacky countdown timers or instances of high pressure sales tactics. There is however a series of testimonials on the page and I discovered pretty easily that they used stock photos rather than real people. This is a concern as you would expect a legitimate service to have some real people to call upon for recommendations. Other than that, there isn’t much else to go on as nothing else screams scam.underdog millionaire scam


Underdog Millionaire Video


The video is a mixed bag as well. It doesn’t seem to be written by a native English speaker, and doesn’t fill me with confidence. Also with the claims of making multiple millionaires very recently, the video contradicts the website as the bold claims don’t follow what is written on the page.

does underdog millionaire work

Underdog Millionaire Software


The software interface is not one that I have seen before, although it doesn’t seem particularly well made, it cant be judged on looks alone. I fond myself in a rare predicament where I cant conclusively claim that this is a scam or not.


Underdog Millionaire Conclusion


To finish, I think im going to sit on the fence with this one, as although there are some minor concerns, there is nothing that tips me over the edge. This one avoids the blacklist for now, but is by no means a recommended product. If you want me to test this further, let me know in the comments below.

underdog millionaire is it legit

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Traders Revenge Scam Review

Traders Revenge Scam Review

Traders Revenge Scam Review

One of my followers named Jim567 sent me an interesting screenshot showing lots of winning trades on a new piece of software called Traders Revenge. At first I was very skeptical and was going to just review the site and not put any money in. However I subsequently received 4 other messages confirming early success with the software so I decided to do a review and deposit to test it out and see how it performed.

Traders Revenge Scam

The website has a few issues and these are mostly in the video. There aren’t many really worrying items on the page itself. No false scarcity, wild claims or the usual countdown timers that all the scam software products usually use. The video itself tries to sell the product as the anti-scam and unfortunately its not the greatest production I have seen, and the use of paid actors is a little worrying. Until I realized that its more a dig at the scammy shitbots that are flooding into the market. They use actors that have been heavily featured in the shitbots, so I think it’s a subtle attack on these products. Unfortunately I cant be 100% sure that was the intention however.
traders revenge does it work
The software, is really well made and laid out in a friendly and easy to use manner. There are also a number of training and education pages within the software along with a full technical and general support setup which is rare these days. I put £300 into the software and put a few test trades on to see how the software worked, and got a little carried away. With 12 out of 12 trades ITM, I was more than a little surprised to say the least. I will be following up with another video once I have done some long term testing but these short punchy trades have made me the best part of £200 in a very short space of time so Traders Revenge is getting a thumbs up from me.

access traders revenge

UPDATE – Up £800 in just over 24 hours:



Final Update & Withdrawal





OptionRobot Scam Review

OptionRobot Scam Review

Option Robot Scam Review

In this update, I am re-visiting Option Robot. This product has been around for a while, but my old review was lost when I changed channels and the original video was unfortunately not backed up, so time to revisit this product and see how it performs.

OptionRobot Scam ReviewOption Robot is not your usual binary product. No bling videos with actors in private jets or fake testimonials. No promises of extraordinary amounts of money or countdown clocks telling you that its only available for 2 hours.

option robot reviewThis is one of the things that makes Option Robot stand out from the crowd. No hype, no bullshit, just a platform to trade on that utilizes certain systems in an intelligent way to manage risk and recoup losses.

I have put it through its paces in a demo account and it performed really well with almost $150 profit in 20 minutes.

does option robot workI will do another Option Robot update with a live balance soon. But so far so good.

Option Robot Profit Update

So today I deposited in OptionRobot and funded my account with £350.

After a shaky start, I tweaked my settings and by lunchtime, I am up over £360 profit.

Watch the end of my video if you need any tips or advice on the best way to trade with OptionRobot.access OptionRobot