Underdog Millionaire Review


Jamie from my Whatsapp group has asked me to take a look at a new binary options product called underdog millionaire. Not to shy away from a challenge, I have decided to give my opinon on this product, and figure out if it’s a scam or not. However, this one is not as straightforward as it seems. underdog millionaire tested

Underdog Millionaire Website

The site itself doesn’t have too many concerning elements. There is a distinct lack of any tacky countdown timers or instances of high pressure sales tactics. There is however a series of testimonials on the page and I discovered pretty easily that they used stock photos rather than real people. This is a concern as you would expect a legitimate service to have some real people to call upon for recommendations. Other than that, there isn’t much else to go on as nothing else screams scam.underdog millionaire scam


Underdog Millionaire Video


The video is a mixed bag as well. It doesn’t seem to be written by a native English speaker, and doesn’t fill me with confidence. Also with the claims of making multiple millionaires very recently, the video contradicts the website as the bold claims don’t follow what is written on the page.

does underdog millionaire work

Underdog Millionaire Software


The software interface is not one that I have seen before, although it doesn’t seem particularly well made, it cant be judged on looks alone. I fond myself in a rare predicament where I cant conclusively claim that this is a scam or not.


Underdog Millionaire Conclusion


To finish, I think im going to sit on the fence with this one, as although there are some minor concerns, there is nothing that tips me over the edge. This one avoids the blacklist for now, but is by no means a recommended product. If you want me to test this further, let me know in the comments below.

underdog millionaire is it legit

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