Traders Revenge Scam Review

One of my followers named Jim567 sent me an interesting screenshot showing lots of winning trades on a new piece of software called Traders Revenge. At first I was very skeptical and was going to just review the site and not put any money in. However I subsequently received 4 other messages confirming early success with the software so I decided to do a review and deposit to test it out and see how it performed.

Traders Revenge Scam

The website has a few issues and these are mostly in the video. There aren’t many really worrying items on the page itself. No false scarcity, wild claims or the usual countdown timers that all the scam software products usually use. The video itself tries to sell the product as the anti-scam and unfortunately its not the greatest production I have seen, and the use of paid actors is a little worrying. Until I realized that its more a dig at the scammy shitbots that are flooding into the market. They use actors that have been heavily featured in the shitbots, so I think it’s a subtle attack on these products. Unfortunately I cant be 100% sure that was the intention however.
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The software, is really well made and laid out in a friendly and easy to use manner. There are also a number of training and education pages within the software along with a full technical and general support setup which is rare these days. I put £300 into the software and put a few test trades on to see how the software worked, and got a little carried away. With 12 out of 12 trades ITM, I was more than a little surprised to say the least. I will be following up with another video once I have done some long term testing but these short punchy trades have made me the best part of £200 in a very short space of time so Traders Revenge is getting a thumbs up from me.

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UPDATE – Up £800 in just over 24 hours:



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