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From one of the most trusted people in Binary Options comes a new product that harnesses the power of advanced computer based weather prediction models to predict the weather and in turn, predict certain commodity prices within the stock market. A real mix of clever technology and not some cobbled together spammy, junk auto trader that just destroys your balance. This is quite refreshing and has given me the confidence to deposit some of my own money in and do a thorough test.

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Michael Freeman has been exposing Binary Options scams for a long time on YouTube and he has been part of some of the most successful Binary Options based trading solutions the world has ever seen. Now he is using his trading technology to team up with some very clever boffins to make his software platform even more stable than ever. Neo2 looks great so far and it avoids all the usual scammy tricks to get you to sign up. Not only that, but the interface is very simple to use and doesn’t have loads of annoying tickers and junk information clogging up the screen. Just a simple panel with news information which is a vital resource to any trader. Its also dead easy to use. Just click on the 2 buttons to connect to the relevant services and then a button to start the auto trader running. Once its started, its all automated. What I will say is, don’t ever leave an auto trader unattended for long periods as its just an unnecessary risk.

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There were also no obvious stock photos or actors that I could uncover. It’s a refreshing change to see and I have high hopes for Neo2. I have put £375 of my own money in to do a solid test of its performance and I will be updating over a number of videos so you can check back on my progress. You can access Neo2 using the link below



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