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A totally different approach today. Rather than me being asked to check out a scam by my followers and subscribers, I have been approached by the people behind ICE9 and challenged to check it out. A bold move and one that seems to either be very confident or very arrogant. I took this as a challenge to find fault with it, so I have deposited some of my own cash and put it to a real test.

Ice 9 Tech

Rather than the normal scammy tactics, the ICE9 site seems to be very slick and well produced. You can clearly see that the video and the interface are well put together and no corners have been cut.

The developer of ICE9, Aaron Palmer has put his name and face to the software which is also either very brave or very dumb. I got hold of the software yesterday and managed to put a quick trade on, in between other videos I was editing. I checked this morning, and it had Won so I put a couple more on based on the signals and they also came ITM.
Ice9 Video

I also wanted to put the broker Option888 to the test, so with my balance being up to over £300 from a starting £250, I withdrew a small amount of £40 and am waiting to see when it hits my account. I have also placed a few auto-trades and am waiting for them to expire. I like the fact that there is a mix of long and short-term trades as most of these types of bots simply spam you with 60 second trades and wipe you out pretty quickly.

So far so good for Ice 9 with 3 wins out of 3 trades. I will be doing regular updates to let you all know how it is going.

ICE9 Trading Update

Today’s video shows some of my recent trades with Ice9 with a 9/10 ITM rate.

I also received my withdrawal from Option888 today so I thought I would show you my account to put people at ease about withdrawals being difficult. I have also learned a great deal about ICE9 in the last couple of days and I think I have hit upon the correct way to use it to maximize profits. My profit is now around £340, so have doubled my balance in a few hours of trading. Impressive stuff so far.
Ice 9 Technology Review

The Auto Trade function is a little aggressive for my liking and it can fire earlier than I would like. To counter this, I have decided to only place manual trades using the software. With the manual trades, limit yourself to trades with a probability of 85% and upwards. Anything below this and you will be taking too big a risk in my opinion. I will return to ICE9 with a long term test update when I have a few weeks of trading under my belt.
Ice 9 Tips

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