Apparently “Smart People Don’t Work for Money, They Earn It”. Forgive my ignorance but isn’t that the same thing? But I’m going to have a look at this site because Binary Secret seems to have an award for being the “Trading Bot of the Year 2016” which is interesting as we’re only three months into the year.

The Truth about Binary Secret Exposed

The guy on the screen had some special help trading binary options from a sophisticated trading robot which was built by a team of ex-Wall Street analysts who have turned out a fully automated trading robot. It has two modes – semi and fully automatic. Semi automatic sends you trading signals by SMS and e-mail – hope you’re ready to act at a seconds notice. Or you could go for fully automatic which couldn’t be easier.

binary secret scam

The video shows the automated trading robot. It makes five trades per day which seem to always give you a profit of $700 in 60 seconds, totalling $3,500 per day!! He says in one year I will be a millionaire. Fantastic! Just from a couple of clicks on their ‘automated profit generator’.   It shows a put signal being sent through and you just have to press the button when they say. And then, as if by magic, as it comes around to the end of the 60 seconds you’ve won the trade. It only shows winning trades which is odd because we all know trades can be won or lost.

binary secret truth

The ‘testimonials’ are all professional shots of ‘clients’ who all look like models yachting, sitting in their Lamborghini and drinking champagne. One of the ‘clients’ is called Mile Peterson – I’ve heard of Miles but not Mile. The ‘clients’ can’t even spell their own names correctly???! This web page has been put together by a total amateur. The grammar is terrible and I would think definitely not written by anybody who has English as their first language. It shows copies of their clients’ bank account statements, which are literally pictures you could probably get in the gallery on PowerPoint and then has ‘photos’ of happy clients scrolling across the bottom with their bank balances which are obviously all in their hundreds of thousands. You get a testimonial from a woman who is thanking David for changing her life around. She was working in dead end jobs and couldn’t even afford her rent then she decided she could afford to spend $250 in an unproven trading robot on the off-chance it would come good. Luckily for her, it has changed her life around – happy days!

binary secret is it a scam

There is also a tab for you to see the system in real time which just takes you through to a YouTube screen of an auto trading page. It could be anybody’s autotrader. Really not sure how that is supposed to convince me.

Crazily, I’ve just been invited to this exclusive page to sign up and make thousands of dollars within the next few minutes. I’m guaranteed not to have to pay them ever. So, what’s the catch? Oh my god, there’s only 20 people he can accept right now. I have to act fast. He can’t accommodate more than that because he has to ensure he has enough time to give everybody the attention they need. Why? It’s all automated isn’t it?? He guarantees me that I will be making money as soon as I sign up with a trading account at one of their specially selected brokers.

binary secret does it work

You have to open a trading account with THEIR broker who are tried and trusted. There are no hidden fees and you don’t have to pay for the software. You just have to deposit a minimum of $250. You can withdraw it at any time as the money is yours however you need to keep in a minimum of $250 to keep the account active and presumably once you take that out you lose the software too?

But what happens if I don’t make any profits and the trades lose rather than win? How will I get my money back? I can’t see any links to customer services. There’s no contact page, there are no contact numbers, there’s not even a registered office address. Nothing, nada … and you can bet your life there will be no way back if his ‘guarantees’ turn out to be just words. Do you really want to give $250 to an unknown entity with no contact details? Anybody could set themselves up on the internet and ask for your money and you’d call it a scam wouldn’t you?? This one’s not for me.

UPDATE – I have also discovered a number of fake testimonials on this product which I have highlighted in a video that you can watch at the top of this page. This is looking very bad for Binary Secret.

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Think I’d rather stick with a company I know and have been around for a while. You only have to look on YouTube to see recent trades to see that it’s genuine. Have a look at Binary Options Live Trading Webinars – Option Xpert. The guys there really know their stuff. They do two live webinars daily, morning and afternoon and if you have their software you receive the signals and can follow the live trades. I also did the training with Ben, which comes as part of the software package, as I don’t like to feel I’m not in control of my money and trading. Some days I win and some days I lose but I win enough to keep me in. I’m not relying on an autobot which doesn’t take into account anything that is happening in the market or the news and I like the fact they’re not into the hard sell. I just felt fully informed and in control of my money.

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