Profit Insider Pro is it Actually any Good?

profit insider pro fake scam
Well, that’s an interesting way to introduce a website … “am I sick of all those overhyped bullshit methods to make money online??” – well, yeah, I am a bit. So is this something different then?? I can get access to the same software that made this guy over $100,000 in just 5 months. Really? Go on then … I’m listening. It’s free today and I don’t need any skills whatsoever. I can access it on my home computer and my smart phone. Brill, apparently this isn’t like all those scammers out there promising me a get rich quick scheme, it’s totally different and I won’t have seen anything like it.

Strangely enough, I’ve seen something very like it just earlier today. Apparently I won’t have to pay anything for it, it’s a limited time offer and they want me to become one of their beta testers. They just need me for my feedback so they can use it for their website to tell other lucky users. But I need to act NOW. Space is limited.

I’m through to Daniel Johnson and he’s telling me how he’s not going to put me through a lame rags to riches story. Although he does seem to be putting me through a lame rags to riches story.

is profit insider pro any good

But I’m still listening. He shows how his software works … two options; either a call option where I can trade on the price rising or a put down option where I’m trading on the price falling over a two hour period. I can choose what I’d like to trade on from the recommended signals and select how much I want to trade from as little as $25 up to $100 per trade. I just need to load a minimum of $250 of my own money in a broker account. The software automatically scans the markets and only selects trade options that have an 80% success rate. Most of the software out there apparently doesn’t have anywhere near this sort of rate. Well, I beg to differ. Most of them say they have although few can prove it. It’s “quite unique and more advanced than any other trading software on the market” or so he says. You get to trade more than just currency. You can trade commodities, gold, silver, stocks and indices trades. The video shows he’s made 12 winners out of 14. But doesn’t show you in real time so you just have to believe him. He says he places between 50 and 100 trades each day which only takes about 10 minutes. And he’s made over $100,000 in five months???? Really. This sounds great!

You get to see a few ‘users’ – a bearded South African who has quit his job it’s so great and a woman who must love patterned fabrics. You really would expect somebody who has over $21,000 in their bank account to be wearing something a little more designer. The ‘reviews’ are the usual “I can’t thank you enough Daniel, you have changed my life and I’m so grateful”.

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Now he’s cutting to the chase and telling me that the usual cost for the software is €995 but typically of these sites, he is going to give a limited number of people (100) access for free as beta testers. I thought he’d already said it works. Why does it need any more testing?

If I sign up TODAY with a minimum deposit of €250 he will match it with another €250 to trade with. That’s amazing! Thanks Daniel. To be honest, I’m starting to wonder if this is a scam. This guy wants to give me €250 to join his exclusive club that would normally cost €995 and from which I can make thousands every month just so he can find out if it really works. He spends a LOT of the presentation saying that all the others out there are just scammers but he isn’t. Well, I’m not in the habit of handing over my money to a website that has no contact details, no customer services number, no registered office and no proven track record so I have a quick look at Google. Well, needless to say the first word that shouts at me from the screen is SCAM.

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One system I have had success with is trading binary options with They show you how to trade for yourself from a point of knowledge. They have taken two years to develop their software and operate within a 75-85% success rate. There are two live webinars daily where you can copy the live trades using the software. The trades from the webinars are sent as signals to the user so they can replicate the trades if they want to. I’ve also benefited from a one to one training session with their Training Manager. If you want to have a look at the software in action, recent trades are on YouTube where you can see live callers asking questions and shows the kind of support you can expect to receive. This is one of those times where you get what you pay for.

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