Let me start off with an apology, I have left the website and youtube channel unattended for a long time now. I was working on a consultancy basis for a large Binary Training company for a few months, and then I went away on a few holidays and spent some much needed time with family. I have entered 2016 refreshed and motivated to create lots of good quality content for you all. I have decided to change my tactics for this year, and rather than just go with my gut on slamming a scammy looking product, I am going to base my actions on your feedback. If enough people like a product, I will put some of my own money into it and see how it works. Alternatively, if enough people complain about a product, I will give it the full no-holds-barred scam treatment and pick it to pieces for you. Enough about that, I was asked if I could do a Millionaires Maker Scam Review by a few of my Youtube followers, and so lets begin and see what its all about…

Millionaires Maker Scam Review – First Impressions

Millionaires Maker Scam Review

I like the visual style, everything is fairly simple and unencumbered. Also the video is short and sweet. Unfortunately, this means some people might not get it, but I didn’t sniff out any major turds, so its worth persevering with. On the second page is a slightly longer video that gives almost less info than the first one, which is missing a trick in my book. Why not have some shots of the software in the video so people can see what they are getting. However, I cant find too much wrong, and with the positive feedback my subscribers have been giving, its definitely worth a shot.

My Deposit

Millionaires Maker App Dashboard

OK so I have deposited $250 of my own money, into the software. My settings are Autotrade ON, and $25 per trade. This should give the software enough room to show me a spread of trades, so we can assess its success rate. Stay tuned for my update when I have been trading for a couple of days, or my balance is gone (whichever happens first). Thanks for taking the time to check out my Millionaires Maker Scam Review.

To get started with Millionaires Maker, please use the link below which has the latest version, as there is an old version floating about which is missing some of the new functionality.



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