Hi and welcome to my Scam review about Military Millionaire. This product claims that a Military Veteran has made millions with Binary Options and now you can too…

What is Military Millionaire? Does Military Millionaire work? Is the Military Millionaire for real? Is the Military Millionaire a scam? Is the Military Millionaire legit? The answer is NO.

Firstly I take great offence in the product owner using a Military Veteran as the “guru” in this scam. Lots of Military Veterans get a raw deal from their countries especially from a financial perpective, so this is just in poor taste in my opinion.

The use of wild claims about how much money you can make, also started my alarm bells ringing! At least most other scams are at least believable, this is just plain lies.

Then there is the repeated use of False Scarcity in both the “Number of Copies” available and also the “5 Minutes Until your offer expires” which is a classic tactic to make you panic and make a poor decision.

I’m confident that this is a major scam autotrade software product that offers no real benefit to the user and is created to empty your account and make the owner and the broker rich.

Avoid at all costs. Please let me know in the comments below if you have tried Military Millionaire or if you have fallen foul of this awful scam.

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