Welcome to my full review of Lie Detector Milloniare. Let me start off by saying this has to be THE most annoying website I have ever visited. If you move your mouse off the main area at all, you get an annoying popup that tries to convince you to sign up. Not only that but the main video cant be paused or stopped. It infuriates me when sites do this. OK now I have that out of my system, lets take a look at the main site and see whats on offer.

scam lie detector millionaire

Straight away, we are greeted with a video of some black and white footage of a man set up on a polygraph machine. He claims to be able to tell you about how he made nearly half a million dollars last year and can pass a lie detector to prove it. Not at any time does he actually prove that the lie detector test was legitimate, instead you get a little photoshopped image showing a graph and a seal saying that its been certified. None of this is real proof at all.

Lie Detector Millionaire Seals

Aside from the poor content on the website and the phoney lie detector test, there are a number of other issues that need addressing. Under the video there is a section saying that there are limited spaces left in my country. This is a script that takes your ip and inputs the country you are visiting from. Its misleading as it claims that there are only 3 out of 5 spaces left. I checked the site days after my video and it definitely doesnt change to say that they are all gone. Guess what? Still says 3 out of 5 spaces left. This is another way to identify scams.

lie detector millionaire scam testimonials

Also the main guy in the video confesses that he used to be an “Evil Guru” and scammed people. If he was a scammer, whats changed? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! He still is a scam. He goes on about the phoney videos with nice cars and rented mansions, and this is all in a video where he is sat in a rented car in front of a rented house. Talk about stupid…


The software itself doesnt have any kind of educational information, just blind trades to follow. If this software was part of a more convincing sales pitch, it would catch out a lot of people as its well polished. However, it is associated with the awful sham that is Lie Detector Millionaire meaning many inexperienced people will fall for it.

My Conclusion is that the Lie Detector Millionaire is completely false and a total scam. Avoid this one unless you like losing money.


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