Legal Profit Scam

Watching the video above is probably proof enough of the Scam nature of Legal Profit, but if you need more convincing, I have outlined all the problems with Legal Profit below:

Legal Profit Verisign Fake

First of all, the Verisign Image at the bottom of the page is there purely to convince you that the website is trustworthy. The site doesn’t have a legitimate Verisign certificate and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Scam nature of Legal Profit.

False Scarcity

Legal Profit Scam

What is False Scarcity? Well when a product has a “Limited Number Of Places”, “XX Copies Left” or my personal favourite “xxx Seconds to Signup Before the Offer Closes”. Sometimes these are legitimate on limited offers, but not in this case.

Legal Profit uses many instances of false scarcity on its pages, It has a box showing the number of slots left, number of people waiting to watch the video and also a countdown until the signup link expires. I checked the source code of the Legal Profits Website and its clear that there is Javascript pumping out random numbers, rather than a real countdown. This is also obvious when you reload the page and the numbers reset to their original amount.

Legal Profit False Scarcity

Fake Trades

Legal Profit also falls down on a number of other points, but the most prominent is the Fake Trades section. It claims to be a live feed of winning trades placed by its users, as shown here:

Live Profit Live TradesAnd once you refresh the page, all these trades change to other RANDOMLY generated trades. This is definitive proof that this is a load of rubbish and this product is a 100% scam.Live Profit Fake Trades