Investigating Gold Trade Microsystem

I’m so pleased I found this site as apparently it is the ‘best software ever created’ and like all of these binary trading companies, it’s an ‘amazing opportunity to make real money’ but there is a limited number of spaces, just 32 at the moment. A newspaper clip (much) further down the page states that it is the only ‘free’ software of this type around which isn’t actually true, most of them are ‘free’ – well, all of those I’ve looked at are anyway.

Gold trade microsystem scam

The Gold Trade Microsystem has been devised by Cambridge Professor Justin Hudson who has years of experience in trading gold. He doesn’t show any certificates so you just have to take his word for it that he’s ever stepped foot in England, let alone been to Cambridge. The site also has lots of ‘certification awards’ but they’re the sort of things you put together on a Powerpoint presentation for the kids to say thanks for being good, you’re a star! None of them are recognised bodies and in fact if you look closely, they just say “best software 2016” and “top profit system”. But if you’re just looking to make LOTS of money really QUICKLY you might not notice.

The homepage goes on forever with ‘testimonials’ and thank you e-mails from all of those lucky people using the system, even though there is a very strictly limited number of licenses. I quite like the way they throw in the occasional foreign script on the reviews – it makes it LOOK authentic.

gold trade microsystem is it a scam

Anyway, what’s the offer and is it a scam or not? It says I can turn $250 into $30.000 online on complete autopilot. I’m wondering if the 30.000 is a deliberate mistake or did they really mean 30,000? I can easily turn $250 into $30 by popping to the shops for a couple of hours. “The result of our work occurred incredible even to us” – the site is literally littered with all sorts of typos and errors so doesn’t look like it is put together by English speakers. This alone would make me very suspicious as surely with all the millions these guys are purportedly making, wouldn’t they be able to afford to employ web designers with a basic level of English?

The ‘Professor’ says he has combined all of his knowledge of the safest ‘currency’ in the world, gold, into an app which is safe and accurate allowing ordinary people to make gold trades on the binary options market. He has created a perfect mathematical formula. He says there is so much ‘Scam’ out there because the others haven’t mastered the maths and all the data out there but he has – woop woop. He’s put together an algorithm which is able to display future predictions. It’s so fantastic that he and his team have been able to interpret all the data and produce an algorithm that nobody else in the world has … that’s amazing, isn’t it?? It’s an autotrader and I would have to place a minimum deposit of $250.

fake earnings gold trade microsystem

They’ve got the software to work on gold trades at a success ratio of 87.65% and are hoping to follow up with the binary market soon. So, does that mean they don’t have success on the binary platform at the moment? But I can’t wait to get started because the co-founder, Garry Cousier, says it will make me a better person too.

So is Gold Trade Microsystem a Fake product?

I’ve jumped in and am being directed to opening a trading account but have to do this in a ten minute time limit. Why?? Well, I’ve got to open up a brokerage account and at that point I will receive a bonus from the Professor. Within 24 hours I will receive a ‘strategy call’ presumably from a broker. He says the trading money is mine to withdraw at any time I want. What could be easier?? I get signals from an app and make loads of money. Too good to be true?? And do I want to risk $250 finding out??

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gold trade micro system

Think I’d rather stick with a company I know perform. You only have to look on YouTube to see the live trades to see that it’s genuine. Have a look at Binary Options Live Trading Webinars – Option Xpert. The guys there really know their stuff. They do two live webinars daily, morning and afternoon and if you have their software you receive the signals and can follow the live trades. I also did the training with Ben, which comes as part of the software package, as I don’t like to feel I’m not in control of my money and trading. I like the fact they’re not into the hard sell. I just felt fully informed and ready to make my decision rather than being rushed into something that felt scammy.

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