Hedge Formula Scam

Another slick looking site, with a very easy to miss trick up its sleeve. You get a personalised video with your country mentioned specifically and told that its only available for your country. They do this using your IP address location. It uses some very clever multiple videos which are all tailored specifically for your own country so not only does the site display your country as the only available location, but the video also mentions your country alone. I changed my IP address and reloaded the page and I managed to go from a video saying the UK was the only area it was available to the same page with a video stating that the USA is the only location that its available. Clever stuff, but a massive lie and proof that Hedge Formula is a total scam.

hedge formila scam

Hedge Formula Exposed

The video on the second page mentions multiple times that the software is free. They keep on mentioning it being free over and over again. However, once you go into the software itself, you are repeatedly forced to deposit at a broker and there is no way to get to the software without going through this process. This makes it incredibly difficult to see what the software actually does, but more importantly ITS NOT FREE.

is hedge formula a scam

They use these technicalities to trick you into thinking you dont need to spend ANY money when actually its just a trick as you will have to deposit at a broker to get anywhere. Now this is fine, as we all know that Binary Options cant be traded without a balance in your account, but its the deceptive nature that is the real issue. Why not just say its free to use once you have deposited? Its just more lies and misdirection to trick you into parting with your money. Sadly with Hedge Formula, they also gave me a very shady looking, unknown broker to trade with. One thing you should always look out for is a product that actually allows you to choose a broker you are happy with. I am calling Hedge Forumula a scam, no doubt about it. Just too many lies and half-truths for my liking. What looks like a slick production turns out to be nothing but another scam.


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Hedge Formula Alternative

If you are looking for an alternative to Hedge Formula, I would recommend Trend-Xpert. Created by OptionXpert (a reputable binary options education company), this product allows you to use whatever broker you like and they have a fantastic training program for traders to learn how to trade properly. They dont have a scammy Auto Trader algorythm, they use real market data and provide an educated way to trade reliably.

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