cyber system is a scam

The homepage has nothing on it apart from a sign up form and a ‘badge of authenticity’ stating “100% Real, No Scam, No Hype”. Well, who said it was a scam anyway??? It’s asking me to ‘enter a brave new world of trading’ so I’m going to see what it’s all about now.

Hahahhhahhahhahhaha … the video is of some guy in sunglasses and a hoodie acting like we’ve entered the underworld or a secret club (which can only be accessed by those able to view the internet I suppose?!?!?). He is hilarious .. “Joshua” has welcomed me into his home to convince me that his intentions are good. Not sure why he’s felt the need to disguise himself in his own living room if he’s trying to appear genuine.

“Joshua” goes on to explain the secret club of binary options trading to the uninitiated in a Brummie accent. He tells us how the binary options brokers are a powerful lobby who manipulate the media to keep it all a secret so the everyday joe on the street won’t hear about this way of trading. If word got out, many of them “would soon go bankrupt and even the larger ones would have to seriously rethink their strategy”. Who is this guy??!?!?
scam cyber system

The ‘software’ is a signal service and he tells me that with just an investment of $100 to $200 I will be able to afford a car in a few days. He says most of these autotraders are “goddamn phonies and scams”. They’re the binary options brokers who have been scamming thousands of online traders for years. He wants to put an end to this scamming so he apparently hacked into Wall Street and he’ll now be able to access the same data the big investors use along with the experts’ knowledge of current trends, market data, etc, etc. He can do all this for me so I don’t have to. He’ll be sending me trading signals at the same time as Wall Street will be using them. Woop woop. But why does he want to help us so much?? He claims there will be up to 100% successful trades (can I assume that up to 100% could also mean as little as 0%?).

He says he has absolutely no vested interest and I can leave the site if I want to – just walk away but if I want to SING up (seriously, that’s what he said … maybe it was a typo on his autocue ….. but it made the video even more entertaining), then I can. He shows me how rich I could look, with a picture of a guy standing by a yacht. Yay, I really want a yacht.
cyber system is not legit

I’m trying to SING up but it won’t accept my telephone number. Perhaps I’ll contact Customer Services to see what they can do …. What? No Customer Services? No registered office? No way of contacting anybody should I have a problem? Don’t even know where old Joshua is based, although it sounds like grey and dreary Walsall. Wonder where he sails his yacht???

Well, I’ve somehow managed to SING up and I’m through to the page telling me to register with his broker (VX Markets) and deposit a minimum of $250 but he’s suggesting I really need to put in $500 to $1000. Apparently it’s mine to withdraw at any time, so long as I haven’t already lost it I suppose. I’m surprised he’s telling me to link up with a broker as he was saying they’re all scammers in the first instance. That’s where he’s telling me to go to if I need any help or customer service. I can’t access the software or find out how it works, see any testimonials or prove that there is even any software to use until I deposit in the broker account.

Well, call me cynical, but why would I buy something I can’t see in action, that isn’t proven and that has no way of contacting anybody to check???? No thanks.

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I’m already very happy with TrendXpert. They have a proven track record and recent trades can be seen on YouTube (look at Binary Options Live Trading Webinars – Option Xpert). You get real people, without hoodies, trading live trades which you can copy real-time during their webinars, which are twice daily, if you have their software. It’s not an autotrader, which in my experience, just swallow up all your trading funds, and then answer that’s just how it goes. You have the choice to follow the trade or not. You get the impression that they genuinely want their clients to win as they are very much into the training which is done on a one to one basis with Ben Newman, their Training Manager.

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