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I’ve just found myself on this site with a “100% Win STREAK Software” … I’m assuming it means 100% Win Strike Software … or maybe not and it’s something to do with being naked. Anyway, 100%???? That’s fantastic! I’m guaranteed to win €58,736.44 every week. What do I have to do and how much will it cost me? I’m desperate to make €58,736.44 – it’s exactly the number I’ve always dreamed of.
binary interceptor fake

I hope whoever has put this site together is better at trading than they are at English! It’s littered with typos and poor grammar. There’s no registered office, telephone numbers, customer services, etc although there are links for them. The only link that works at the bottom of the page is the “Members Area” which is interesting. But I suppose any of these scam sites need to try and at least look authentic by offering a way of contacting them, even if they are no more than a fake link.

I need to know more about this stuff and the page is offering very little so I’m going to have to sit through the video. The guy starts by telling me he is VERY RICH and that I’m NOT. How does he know?? I might be some bored millionaire sitting here surfing. Anyway, he then goes on to say that hundreds of stay at home mums and dads are making money using his software. Why do they always pick on the stay at home mums and dads? Or is that just a way of ensuring their software gets picked up by desperate mums and dads searching online for some way of making money whilst their kids are at home. Call me cynical but it sounds like he’s trying to find the vulnerable, desperately bored, hard-up and perhaps gullible …. And then he’s going to bamboozle them with financial jargon and make it sound irresistible – who wouldn’t be tempted by a 100% win streak software???!!

Binary Interceptor is a Scam

is binary interceptor a scam

Ah, the parameters are already changing .. he’s now saying I can turn $250 into $10,000 per month. So where does the €58,736.44 per month come in? Damn it, I’ve already put the deposit down on that villa I wanted. Robert Harper, the Binary Options Trader who has devised this software is going to assign me a ‘Start-up Specialist’ who will hold my hand in the early days. I sincerely hope it isn’t a broker who will be hounding me on the phone like they normally do … and I’ll be getting the Binary Interceptor app which will intercept the terabytes upon terabytes of financial data which will be filtered and used to automatically trade 24 hours a day without me lifting a finger.

Robert tells me that over 80% of the successful binary options traders out there are his former students. How on earth can he know that or prove it?? Is he saying he knows how many successes are out there because he would have to wouldn’t he? As most of the trading is done online how can he possibly know?

Anyway, moving on, he’s honest about why he wants me to have his FREE software and why he’s hired ‘start-up specialists’ to help me trade. He gets a commission every time I trade from the brokers. From my experience, the brokers get a payment every time I trade too or try to withdraw. He’s starting to hassle me now to sign up and verify my CORRECT e-mail address right now to get started. If I don’t give him the CORRECT e-mail address, I won’t get my notifications of a win through. I would have thought, as it was a 100% guaranteed win, I won’t be needing any notifications. I’ll just be looking in my trading account won’t I? He’s only allowing 50 Beta testers this week so I need to sign up IMMEDIATELY!!!! Can’t believe they are still beta testing when they know they’ve got 100% win rate already. Weird.

You know, a lot of things just don’t ring true and I can’t see the software in action, there are no testimonials, no contact details, actually nothing that makes me think I want these guys to have my contact details or to hand over any of my hard-earned cash so I’m going to forget this one.

I’m going to stay with what I know best. are the only company I’ve been brave enough to go ahead with. I liked their web page so went onto their Web chat. There was no hard-sell and I came away fully informed. I didn’t sign up straight away … I had a look at some of their webinars on YouTube and saw for myself how they operate. I tune in twice a day to the webinars and often (not always) trade at the same time as their guy, Ben, does. I’m thinking of doing the training now too now that I’m really getting into it and starting to see some money coming in. I like being in control of my money, as far as I can whilst trading and this allows me the flexibility to make my own decisions whilst having the back-up of the professionals.

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